Stefan Vizzari

Nickname: Nope, usually just get called Stef. Happy for any suggestions from the team
Workplace: Zendesk
PB’s: Best Running Experience: Most recently, running two sub-21 PBs on successive parkruns at Coburg. I also really enjoyed the hills at 2018’s De Castella Run.
Worst Running Experience: Most recently, pulling up 1km from the end of the 2018 Portsea half-marathon with calf strain and having to hobble home getting passed by all and sundry. Or, perhaps during my 20’s, getting the worst flu I’ve ever had after running laps of The Tan in the rain and cold. That flu effectively stopped me running for years with lower leg issues.
Racing Shoes: The unpopular choice perhaps, Nike. I have a pair of Zoom Fly Flyknit 2 that I really like, but have had the most success with the Peg Turbos I train in.
Years Running: Lots of running as a teen, lots of running over the past 2 years
Why Do You Run: Both for meditation, and for the comradeship. I feel like I’ve always had a similar mindset to Flow theory, and running is a great fit for Flow. I’ve made plenty of friends running, and often feel an easy camaraderie especially during races. I love pushing my body to perform, improve, testing the boundaries of what I can achieve.
Favourite Training Session: Right now, the progressive over 8km between The Pillars and GHD.
Hobbies: Love baking bread, pastries, cakes, just cooking in general. Goes without saying I love eating all the aforementioned treats. Love playing tennis, but been taking a break for a year or so after many years of comp. and social play. Watching movies.
Most Important Thing To Me: Work Hard & Be Nice To People
Biggest Dislike: Haters, Racists, Xenophobia, Toxic Masculinity
Favourite Movie: So many, arthouse and mainstream. I guess I’ve never been able to shake off some 80’s classics, Back to the Future, Karate Kid and Big Trouble in Little China.
Favourite Music: I was always much more of a film buff 🙂
Favourite Food: Pastries
Favourite Drink: Whiskey, right now
Favourite Event: Running? I have a soft spot for Sri Chinmoy events, since that’s where I started competing.
Dream Occupation: Pretty happy where I am right now
Most admired athlete: After watching the Nike Breaking 2 documentary (I know, drank the koolaid), I’m in awe of Eliud Kipchoge’s running style and how humble he seems. In tennis, I always liked Marat Safin for how unpredictable he was, either the best or the worst, nothing in between. Really enjoying watching the Matilda’s play right now, especially Hayley Raso for her comeback after major injury and the intensity she brings to each game.
Little known fact about me: Gross-out, the second toe nail on each foot drops off every few months.
Life Highlight: Meeting my partner and best friend in life, having our son together