This is a big shout out to the Milers who are embarking on Oxfam on Friday morning!

- On one Miler team there is Tony Hally, Greg Roche, Daniel Hall and Seb Payette (shooting for 14 hours or under).

- On the other Miler team, there is Martin Edwards, Matthew Woods, Nick Turner and I (shooting for 11-12 hours).

Veteran Oxfamer and Miler, Glenn Goodman, is also anchoring another team of non-milers.

It is also a shout out to the people who donated to get each of the teams to the start line (thanks, Geoff Fisher and Richard Does. most recently), and to the volunteers who will support us to glory (and pain!).

Thanks, Milers - just keep being you!
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parkrun results 17/3/18. Nice turnout at Karkarook with a big PB for Daniel Hall ably paced by Matthew Woods and a cracking run by Peter Rushen with an 84.28 age grade %. Zoe Heath at Maribyrnong became the 3rd fastest female Miler for the year with her 20:41. Must also mention Bruce Arthur’s run at Studley Park, close to his PB and equivalent to a sub 18 on the flat but just beaten by Tim Bryant the 3rd fastest runner of all time there, who was pushing a child in a pram. A bit further back Mark Purvis was strolling to his 5th age category record for the year.

Highlights include:
- PB to Daniel Hall 17:23 by 28 seconds
- Age category record to Eddie Seibold and Mark Purvis
- Win to Scott Stacey
- Sub 18 minutes for Daniel Hall 17:23 and Matthew Woods 17:25
- Over 80% age grade % for Peter Rushen 84.28%


2 Daniel HALL 17:23 SM30-34 75.46 %, PB by 28 seconds, 9th fastest Miler 2018, 41st fastest Miler all time
3 Matthew WOODS 17:25 SM25-29 74.16 %
5 Peter RUSHEN 18:33 VM55-59 84.28 %, 23rd fastest Miler 2018, 4th highest age grade % Milers 2018
7 David MELLINGS 19:24 VM50-54 76.03 %
8 Hugh HUNTER 19:35 VM55-59 79.83 %
15 Vince YEO 20:51 VM45-49 69.06 %
21 Simon WALKER 21:34 VM50-54 68.93 %
39 Amy YEO 24:13 VW40-44 64.01 %


2 Stan KARANASIOS 18:34 VM35-39 72.44 %

Studley Park:

3 Bruce ARTHUR 18:55 VM40-44 73.83 %
6 Mark PURVIS 20:35 VM60-64 77.89 %, age category record


8 Ewen VOWELS 19:03 VM40-44 73.32 %
17 Zoe HEATH 20:41 SW30-34 71.72 % , 3rd fastest female Miler 2018

Lake Macquarie, NSW:

8 Jayden MALLEN 19:07 SM30-34 68.27 %


1 Scott STACEY 19:09 VM40-44 71.80 %

Forest Lake:

7 Shane KENT 19:19 VM35-39 69.11 %

Altona Beach:

2 Rory HEDDLES 19:30 VM35-39 67.61 %

Gardiners Creek:

5 Matthew VENOUR 19:49 JM11-14 75.02 %
6 David VENOUR 19:49 VM45-49 73.25 %


15 Matthew DOMAINGUE 20:32 VM40-44 66.48 %
32 Ingrid MORRISON 23:17 VW45-49 68.86 %

Frog Hollow:

4 Elisa MOOREN 21:32 VW45-49 74.46 %

Main Beach, Qld:

71 Keiko SUNABA 25:16 VW55-59 72.63 %

Mullum Mullum:

43 Gary ZUCCALA 25:18 VM55-59 60.74 %


24 Vivienne SEIBOLD 27:33 VW60-64 70.42 %
30 Ewald SEIBOLD 28:29 VM75-79 66.53 %, age category record
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For those that cant keep the pace of Bevo I will be doing a slower tempo run around the Tan of about 50 mins @3:40/k pace. Starting at the pillars at 7am. All welcome. ... See MoreSee Less

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If anyone is looking to do a track session tomorrow, I will be doing 8x600 tomorrow at AOP. Normal start time. All welcome. ... See MoreSee Less

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If anyone wants to run tonight, there is a run at the tan, two laps 5.25 pace.

Nice and easy.

Pillars 6:15 sharp.

it's filling up.
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R4TK results pls 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

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Good morning members,

Tomorrows session is as follows:

10x500m (Tan)

12:30 pm Pillars of Wisdom, Tan Track, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia

10x500m on 3:00 (A Group)
8x500m on 3:15 (B Group)

The weather: Tuesday 20 March

Min 15
Max 19

Cloudy.Possible rainfall: 0 to 0.4 mm Chance of any rain: 30%

See you on the track.
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Any non-R4TK want to do Eaglemont at 7am tomorrow with me? ... See MoreSee Less

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Well done to all running R4TK today 👏 I think I got everyone's photos...apologies to Bevo I only got your foot, you were too fast 🙄🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ ... See MoreSee Less

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Tonight on Family Feud the following question was presented. What do you associate with Elmo? I was shocked to hear that Elmo was a male and his alleged girlfriend was Zoe. Zoe our cover has been blown. 🤣 ... See MoreSee Less

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Before it all began! 🏃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️👶 ... See MoreSee Less

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R4TKs: meeting at tan pillars @ 07:30 tomorrow. Good luck all ... See MoreSee Less

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Good luck to all the Milers running R4TK tomorrow. Not only is it a great event, it is for one great cause supporting the Children's Hospital. I've seen first hand what a great job they do.

We also have a title to defend in the team's event, so run hard Milers!

Cheers Bermuda
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Join the Peely and Slips show tomorrow, 7:30am start from Churchill Park entrance gates. 33-34km taking in the sights and hills of Churchill Park, Lysterfield and Birdsland. ... See MoreSee Less

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One of the best things about doing parkrun is sometimes the photos that can give you some insight into your running form. Do you look relaxed and tall, shoulders even etc. Well today thanks to Scott Stacey who alerted me to the shot, i got a photo of me in full flight and barely an issue with my running form to be seen. So eat your heart out B1 Luke Goodman. Come talk to me when you look this good. ... See MoreSee Less

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Some good work by milers at Karkarook this morning with Matthew "Woodsie" pacing Dan to a 29s PB (17:23) while Hugh continued his recent run of PBs with another one today (1930?). Thanks to Simon for dragging my slow, sorry arse around. Rog was flying with the clouds doing some on offs and Bugs just jogged around contemplating the crappy condition for R4TK tmr 😉 ... See MoreSee Less

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A lot more hair, a lot less kegs but always a fun day at 5Ms 2013. ... See MoreSee Less

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When 110k in 5 days isn't enough! 😲 ... See MoreSee Less

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The Melbourne Midday Milers

The Midday Milers offer city workers an informal but structured lunch-time training program. The group meets at 12:30pm each weekday at the Tan Track, only a five-minute jog from the Flinders St / Swanston St intersection. All levels of runners are welcome to join us for a variety of casual, easy runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday or more intense, speed / fartlek / hill sessions on Tuesday and Thursday. To ensure we cater for all standards of runners,  the Tuesday and Thursday sessions have dedicated A and B groups. To see how this works, refer to our fortnightly Training Program.

The famous Tan Track is one of Melbourne’s most picturesque running venues. We start most runs from the “Pillars of Wisdom” – on the Tan Track just south of the Swan St Bridge.

The Pillars at the tan





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