Simon Bevege

simonbevegeNickname: Bevo
Workplace: Future Fund
PB’s: Tan: 11:31, 3km: 8:39, 5km: 15:06, 10km: 31:57, 15km: 48:30, Half Marathon: 1:10, Marathon: 2:38.
Best Running Experience: Running 8:39 for 3000m back in 2011. I had just run my 10km PB (31:57) 3 days prior, and was riding a wave of confidence. It was one of those races where you get presented with an early decision that will make or break your race – do I go with the leaders or do I let them go? Despite the pace being on, I decided today I was going to roll the dice and have a real crack. To this day I have never felt so strong in a race; the end result was 2nd place and a 12 second PB.
Worst Running Experience: The Gold Coast Marathon 2016. I had worked my butt off for months and was in the best shape of my life. The expectations from my friends, family, the Midday Milers and more importantly myself were huge. At the 30km mark I knew my race was falling apart, and my goal time of sub 2:30 was out the window. The disappointment I felt from the last 12km of the race was a really bitter pill to swallow.
Racing Shoes: Adidas Adios Boost.
Years Running: 14 all up. I ran for 4 years in High School, mainly running 800m, 1500m and XC. This culminated in Year 12 with my representing Victoria in Cross Country. I was lucky enough to meet fellow Midday Miler Nigel Preston during this period, who was also on the Victorian XC team that year. For the record, he had my measure both at the State and National Titles. 🙂 After High School, I took a break from running, but picked it up again about 6 years later and haven’t looked back since.
Why Do You Run: Besides the obvious benefits of being really fit and the ability to eat practically anything I want, I really thrive on the racing aspect – the adrenaline rush of big races is second to none. The friendships I have forged through running is also something I value very highly.
Favourite Training Session: 6x3min (1min Rest). It doesn’t matter whether you are training for a 5km or a marathon – this session is gold.
Most Important Thing To Me: My wife Jennifer. Despite not being a runner, her support for my running is something that means the world to me.
Favourite Movies: Toy Story, Rocky IV, Rambo – First Blood, Zoolander, The Dark Knight Trilogy.
Favourite Music: Punk Rock, and anything from the 90’s (an era so bad, but oh so good!).
Favourite Food: Pizza.
Favourite Drink: Chocolate Milkshake. I am a child at heart.
Favourite Event: Run for the Kids.
Dream Occupation: Professional Sportsman (Golf or Tennis).
Most Admired Athlete: Roger Federer.
Little Known Fact About Me: I was an accomplished piano player at High School (not so much now though)!
Life Highlight: Getting married (of course). From an athletic perspective, competing in the Hawaii Ironman in 2014 with my wife and family there to share it with me. Was an amazing experience.
Life Low point: Losing my sister’s boyfriend unexpectedly to a heart-related issue (he was fit, healthy, and only 25), and then having to deliver a eulogy on behalf of my sister at the funeral. Reaffirmed to me that life is just not fair sometimes.
Favourite Quote: “Your Ego is Writing Cheques your body can’t cash.” Top Gun.