Simon Keane

Nickname: The Colonel. As in Colonel Mustard, as in keen as mustard. We can thank Duff.
Workplace: AECOM. I am a civil engineer working mainly in road, rail and port infrastructure.
PB’s: tan 14:27 2k 6:52 5k 18:36 10k (hilly) 39:45. 21.1k 91:00 42.2k 3:38 A bit of work to do on the pbs this year
Best running experience: podium finish with mitho, Rafa and Sam at surf coast century last year. Left it all on the track.
Worst running experience: injured at moment without diagnosis. Hitting wall at 33k mark of first marathon at great ocean road (45k) in 2012.
Racing shoes: have always worn same shoes for training and racing – Brooks Ravenna
Years running: 7.5 (but most improvement has happened in last 9 months since miling)
Why do you run: initially my wife and I both needed an outlet when our identical twin girls were 6 months old. It had been a full on time. I have never stopped since then. Lots of reasons but I like the goal setting and working hard to achieve them, for relaxation, for health/fitness, competition.
Favourite session: I enjoy all interval sessions but my favourite run each week is the long slow runs around the Yarra and Diamond Creek trails. I also love using running to explore new places when travelling. Also quite enjoy golf course intervals.
Hobbies: running, gardening (native plants and for food) and landscaping, reading the classics, playing piano.
Most important thing to me: balancing the key elements of my life, work, running and community involvement with the number one thing, my family.
Biggest dislike: conservative politicians. They tend to base their positions on dogma and unthinking ideology instead of on data, facts and people.
Favourite movie: top secret
Favourite music: pretty broad, like most types other than today’s music. I would most associate with the grunge era of the early 90s
Favourite food: anything with chilli, garlic, coriander, cumin and ginger, anything fresh from the garden
Favourite drink: gin and tonic, beer, red wine, iced coffee
Favourite event: local community markets. Any running event.
Dream occupation: food critic and travel writer
Most admired athlete: anyone who gets to an elite position beyond expectations by hard work, like Boonie
Little known facts: last year I ran for local council. I have been in a relationship since 1991 (since high school year 10). I have met Magic Johnson when I was an exchange student in USA.
Life highlight: marriage and watching my 3 girls growing up.
Life low point: I am an optimist so not sure there will be one
3 things to do: break 3 hour marathon, watch Richmond win a flag, seachange.
Favourite quote: I was impressed by Jeremy Corbyn yesterday with “treat every person you meet as unique and knowing things you don’t” can’t remember the rest