Shane Fielding

shanefieldingNickname: Slips, White Kenyan or Old Coot
Vital statistics (02/2020): Age: 53 (May 1966), Height: 177 cm, Weight: 68 kg
Family: Married, Dad to 3 adult kids, proud Poppa to my little grandson, Ahren
Interests outside running: Watching the kids grow into amazing adults and now spending as much time as possible with my grandson, watching the mighty Hawks and Melbourne City, a few Pilates classes per week, President of the Berwick Tennis Club, eating good food with a nice glass of red, listening to good music turned up real loud, a long karaoke session with the Milers, appreciating everything life has to offer #appreci18.
First joined the Midday Milers: Early 2006, President since 2011.
Most admired sportsperson: Roger Federer
Running highlights: Melbourne Marathon 2010 is right up there. You can read all about it here. 2011 Marathon PB of 2:41:48 is also a highlight. 1500m PB of 4:16.3 in Feb 2013 at AV finals (age 46) is possibly my greatest race. Stinking hot 35 degrees. Smoothy, me and 2 Box Hill guys had a cracking race.
Running lowlight: There’s been a few. Prolapsed disc in neck in late 2004 – 9 months of pain and no physical exertion other than walking – happened within a month of running 2004 Melbourne Marathon. Stress fracture of Fibula in 2008 – 3 months of no running.  Lower back nerve compression issues in 2014/15 severely limited my running for a couple of years.
Why I started running: Started in 2000 at age 34 – a new millennium resolution – had played tennis since I was 12 so was looking for something new. Started running seriously in 2006 after I found out that the prolapsed disc would take five years to heal and a return to tennis was impossible.
Running Club: Athletics Waverley, following a couple of seasons at Sandringham.
Favourite running shoe: Adizero Adios (racing) and Adidas Tempo/Boston (training)
Favourite area for training: The Tan, the Dandenong’s and Churchill Park.
Favourite Training Session: Anything with a 200m/250m rep at the end!
PB’S: The Tan: 12:20 (2008), 10 km: 34:41 (2011), 15 km: 52:56.3 (2012), Half marathon: 76:30 (2011), Marathon: 2:41:48 (2011)
Other PB’S: 100m: 13.03, 200m: 26.6, 400m: 55.6, 400H: 64.5, 800m: 2:05.6, 1000m: 2:45.4, 1500m: 4:16.3, Mile: 4:38.3, 3000m: 9:24.7, 5000m: 16:42.1
Best performance ever: Refer to “Running highlights” above – may find it hard to top them!  I was also pretty happy with the consistency of my four marathons from 2010 to 2013 – 2:43:13, 2:41:48, 2:43:46, 2:43:47
Current goal: return to peak fitness following back injuries and smash out some fast races in my 50’s.
Any pre-race superstitions: A few trips to the men’s rooms just in case – don’t want any nasty surprises during the race…and triple checking the bag before I leave home to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything.
Favourite Food: A good Chicken Parma with chips and salad.
Favourite Drink: A good bottle of Pinot Noir
Favourite Band: Bon Jovi
Favourite Song: Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams
Goto karaoke number: Hurts So Good – John Mellencamp
Favourite Movie: Grease
Dream occupation: Elvis impersonator or Professional Karaoke singer
Most Important Thing To Me: My family, my health, good friends.
Life highlights: Assisting with the delivery of my 3 children – wow!
Life low light: Losing my dad in a car accident 5 weeks before my 18th birthday.  I know I’ve become a man that he would have been proud of but it would have been wonderful to share those many special life moments with him.  Never take for granted the people you love.