Sean Helmot

Nickname: TBD (Clearly my surname is easy target, I’ve heard ‘Crash’ referenced recently but unsure my thoughts about that. Shoei (the motorcycle helmet brand) was also referenced for similar reasons. I’d probably go for ‘Stax’ – self inflicted as the notorious ‘Stackhats’ for short but could also be misconstrued for the uber cool Stax records). My brother is Helmo so that’s taken (and awfully close to another miler). Sean works well too.
Workplace: NAB Docklands
PB’s: Melb Mara Oct 2016 @ 2:53:44, Sri Chinmoy Half June 2017 @ 1:20:11, 10k @ Zatopek Aberfeldie Dec 2016 @ 37:43, 5k AP Parkrun April 17 @ 17:28, 1500m VMC March 2017 @ 4:47
Best Running Experience: First sub 3 at Boston Marathon 2016 (by 15 seconds, almost blew it). Indescribable feeling – complete finish line melt down. Pass me the tissues.
Worst Running Experience: Melbourne Marathon 2014 – 23 secs over 3 hours – learnt a lot that day. Pass me the tissues.
Racing Shoes: Traditionally Brooks Racer ST5, now discontinued (pass me the tissues), potential replacements Mizuno Catalyst 2 or Brooks Hyperion
Years Running: Running/Triathlon for 6 years (yet to peak!)
Why Do You Run:
a. Fun
b. Melbourne built for it
c. Running community full of massively awesome people / comradery
d. Runners High
e. keeps me honest
f. keeps me grounded
g. to work with others on their goals
h. much simpler than triathlon (logistically)
Favourite Training Session: I’m a tempo junky – executing a nice long hard tempo on a winters night can feel pretty special
Hobbies: Rhetorical? Collected rocks when young, since moved on.
Most Important Thing To Me: A very strong PB at Berlin this year! That aside my mum, dad, brother, sisters, family, they sit right up there. Actually let’s throw chocolate scorched almonds and choc bullets in the mix. No, I’m not superficial at all.
Biggest Dislike: Zero Tolerance – this is the period where I step on the scales, count weeks remaining to race, and take the decision to refuse myself of all things I enjoy out of lie – totally unbalanced
Favourite Movie: The Big Lebowski – I have a lot of respect for the way Walter thinks and expresses himself (John Goodman)
Favourite Music: I don’t like music, those earphones I am wearing have me listening to daily podcasts that Malibu narrates/creates for me. That aside prob favourite running song is Witness the Fitness by Roots Manuva
Favourite Food: (see above – sweet-tooth)
Favourite Drink: White Russian cocktail
Favourite Event: Kyuss tribute show at Cherry Bar 2015 was pretty amazing
Dream Occupation: Childhood – Herpetologist, or Actuary. Adulthood – Rock Star
Little known fact about me: I’m analytic and thrive on overtraining
Life Highlight: Yet to come. Kilimanjaro summit up there.
Life low-point: Nothing too bad, how about writing off my Classic 1964 2 tone XM Falcon after having license for 1 week? That will suffice. Why would you ask such questions? What is being done with this information? Is someone listening?
Top 3 things to do before die:
1. 2:45,
2. Try JC’s pizza,
3. Sub-2 (in that order)
Favourite Quote: A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms (or any other Bruce Lee quote)