Scott Smith

Nickname: Scotty, but that’s pretty boring so happy to entertain suggestions
Workplace: Bell Potter Securities
PB’s: 2k 6:45, 5k 18:15, 10k 37:46 Half 91:05
Best Running Experience: As of writing, any Miler session. I’m really enjoying the challenge and comradery. Hoping to add something significant soon
Worst Running Experience: Nothing really bad but my 2nd Run For The Kids was pretty average after getting the pre-race nutrition wrong
Running Shoes: adidas Ultra Boost
Racing Shoes: adidas Adizero Boston
Years Running: Occasionally for the last 10 but more seriously over the last 4
Joined Milers: August 2016, after about 12 months of JC telling me to get on board (I’m glad he persisted)
Why Do You Run: Fitness, thinking time, assists with financial restraint at lunchtime
Favourite Training Session: Descending Set, anything at AOP
Hobbies: Golf, Motor Sport, Basketball
Biggest Dislike: Unhealthy habits, bikes on peak hour trains
Most Important Thing To Me: Family, Health (feel like I also need to say ‘World Peace’)
Favourite Movies: The Fugitive (Harrison Ford version), Any Given Sunday, Anchorman
Favourite Music: Guitar-driven hard rock
Favourite Food: Thai, a well-cooked steak
Favourite Drink: Coffee, be it hot or iced (depending on the weather), James Squires Pale Ale, a good Shiraz
Favourite Event: Australian Grand Prix, The Masters
Dream Occupation: Travelling Sports Writer
Most admired athlete: Michael Jordan
Little known fact about me: I took 1/20 off 1 over in junior cricket (not my finest performance), I have a protruding bottom rib and a wonky little finger on my left hand
Life Highlights: Birth of my daughter, visiting New York City for the first time, completing Around The Bay in 2015 with my best mate
Life low-point: Being so unhappy in my last job I quit with no options on the horizon
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: Run an overseas marathon, visit Augusta National Golf Club, drive Mt Panorama racetrack
Favourite Quote: “Happiness is a long walk with a putter in your hand” – Greg Norman