Robyn Fletcher

robynfletcherNickname: Fletch
Workplace: CPA Australia
PB’s: Tan: 14:48, 5km: 20 something, 10km: 41:49, Half Marathon: 1:33, Marathon: 3:29, 100km (Oxfam): 13:25
Best Running Experience: Finally breaking the 3:30 barrier in the Melbourne marathon in 2011.  It only took about 20 marathons to finally get there. 🙂
Worst Running Experience: Fell and smashed my knee open 2 hours into the Cradle Mountain 81km ultra run so had to run the next 10 hours with a swollen knee.  The knee ended up getting infected and I couldn’t run for 2 weeks.
Racing Shoes: Asics Kayano
Years Running: 15
Why Do You Run:  To keep fit, to socialise with other runners, travel to interesting places for events and to eat what I want.
Favourite Training Session: Ganly Session
Hobbies: Running (of course!), reading, cycling and walking
Most Important Thing To Me: My husband Fraser
Biggest Dislike: Smug people
Favourite Movie: Shallow Hal
Favourite Music: Rock, 80’s music
Favourite Food: Thai food and chocolate
Favourite Drink: Coffee
Favourite Event: Walhalla Wound-up
Dream Occupation:  Journalist, where I get paid to travel round the world and run marathons.
Most admired athlete: Scott Jurek
Little known fact about me: I have run 55 marathons.
Life Highlight: Getting married.
Life low-point: Losing a family member who I was very close to a few years ago.
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: Fly first class, run the Jungfrou marathon in Switzerland and drive Route 66 in the USA.
Favourite Quote: It’s better to have tried and failed then never to have tried at all!