Rob Italia

Nickname: Robo Power
Workplace: DTF (vicgov)
Best Running Experience: world masters athletics – Perth 2016
Worst Running Experience: AV 16K at Brimbank DNF
Racing Shoes: Nike’s
Years Running: 4
Why Do You Run: Fun / Friends / Fitness
Favourite Training Session: ummm next?
Hobbies: riding, footy…
Most Important Thing To Me: Family (include Bonnie – my doggy) my 1960 XK classic car & friends
Biggest Dislike: fake! & anything negative
Favourite Movie: comedy / Sci fi
Favourite Music: top 40 / disco
Favourite Food: fried rice! Then junk
Favourite Drink: bourbon
Favourite Event: enjoy championships & parkruns
Dream Occupation: Celebrity
Most admired athlete: Bolt
Little known fact about me: played 150 AFL superules games
Life Highlight: having 5 kids (who are now older enough to look after themselves :))
Life low-point: ACL & Achilles issues
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: Travel the world, win a gold medal at the World event) meet my soul mate
Favourite Quote: I won’t die wondering