Richard Does


Nickname: Dozer
Workplace: Mercer
PB’s: Tan: 11:57 (2008), 10km: track 33:07 (2012) road 33:21 (2013) ), Half Mara: 1:15:03 (2008), Marathon: 2:36:51 (2009), Oxfam 10:33
Best Running Experience: A few come to mind for different reasons. Melbourne Marathon 2009 (my PB), Boston Marathon 2011, Oxfam
Worst Running Experience: A few of these too. An impromptu 10km lunch time run in Denver circa 2003, first time at altitude nearly killed me. Melbourne Marathon 2008, Oxfam.
Racing Shoes: Brooks
Years Running: First fun run was 1980.
Why Do You Run: Cause I’m always late
Favourite Training Session: Always yesterday’s, never tomorrow’s
Hobbies: To state the bleeding obvious…running. I have vague memories that I used to enjoy playing golf too.
Most Important Thing To Me: Health, family
Biggest Dislike: People not being responsible for their own actions
Favourite Movie: Blues Brothers
Favourite Music: U2, Madness, or whatever my kids are listening too at the moment
Favourite Food: Most pasta dishes as long as no seafood is involved; Chicken Kiev; Cake
Favourite Drink: Milkshakes, coffee
Favourite Event: Devilbend
Dream Occupation: Professional golfer
Most admired athlete: Shane Warne. How does he focus like that with all that shit going on around him?
Little known fact about me: Being club mascot for the Demons and leading the boy’s out in the 1988 granny
Life Highlight: Two days after my first child was born when the whole thing sunk in.
Life low-point: Dad dying when I was 19…oh and being 10 goals down by the time I got back to my seat in the 1988 granny.
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: Retire, see the Demons win a flag, trek to Everest base camp
Favourite Quote: “Bite off more than you can chew and chew like buggery” (credited to Peter Brock I think). “Don’t you ever do that again” (John Northey to Jim Stynes after THAT 15m penalty in 1987 prelim). More recently though I’ve quite taken to “the older I get the better I was”