Panyo Kachrimanis

Nickname: Panyo (Peter might be more appropriate here though as that is my real name)
Workplace: NAB
PB’s: Straight from Strava: Mile 5:12 5k 17:45, 10k 39:12, Half 1:37, Full 3:20
Best Running Experience: Running into the G after 3 hours and 20 mins of hell
Worst Running Experience: Running into the G after 3 hours and 20 mins of hell… with a stress fracture in my right foot
Racing Shoes: Nike Zoom Fly
Years Running: 3 years
Why Do You Run: It’s damn addictive; once you start you just want to keep going further and faster. I also love just being able to put on a pair of shoes and see places you otherwise wouldn’t
Favourite Training Session: Canova Fartlek
Hobbies: Running, Cycling, NBA & Brewing Beer (with fellow miler Hamish Cropper)
Most Important Thing To Me: Outside of Family and Friends… Good Beer?
Biggest Dislike: The sound of ice rubbing against the Freezer wall and Oranges
Favourite Movie: Into the Wild (Also favourite Book)
Favourite Music: Currently listening to Parquet Courts
Favourite Food: Look I would never say no to a Parma… and Gingerbread
Favourite Drink: Fixation IPA
Favourite Event: NBA Finals (Not that I have been… but one day)
Dream Occupation: NBA Journalist
Most admired athlete: Running: Killian Jornet or Jake Robertson – Non-Running Related: Allen Iverson, Peter Sagan
Little known fact about me: I am a full chocolate addict – on my commute home from work I will regularly stop to buy chocolate
Life Highlight: Christmas Day NBA in New York (OKC vs. NYK) what made the day even better was Lize managed to get me a Gingerbread House (A Christmas Tradition in my Family)
Life low-point: Skiing in Whistler – ask me about it next time you run with me
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: Visit Everest, New York Marathon & Eat Franklin BBQ (Google it)
Favourite Quote: From the great Rod Dixon ‘All I want to do is drink beer and train like an animal.