Nick Tobin

nicktobinNickname: Undertaker
Workplace: Cenitex
PB’s: too laughable to record
Best Running Experience: being chased by supermodels and unable to run quickly
Worst Running Experience: being chased by supermodels and running too quickly
Racing Shoes: Nike Air Pegasus
Years Running: 20
Why Do You Run: relaxation and health
Favourite Training Session: descending set
Hobbies: hiking and running
Most Important Thing To Me: My wife and son
Biggest Dislike: getting injured and how long it takes to heal
Favourite Movie: Aliens
Favourite Music: Xavier Rudd
Favourite Food: Japenese / Vietnamese
Favourite Drink: nice cold beer after a good long run
Favourite Event: 10km but really loving park runs
Dream Occupation: explorer
Most admired athlete: Cadel Evans great rider and all round top bloke. Robert de Castella, watching him as a kid started this running caper
Little known fact about me: I play guitar
Life Highlight: having a picnic at the Cape of Good Hope with my wife after spending 12 months traveling across Africa
Life low-point: breaking my ankle, it hurt and was unpleasant being immobile
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die:  visit Antartica, walk the Te Araroa Trail, dive in Palau
Favourite Quote: Be excellent to each other – Bill S. Preston