Nicholas Bignell

nicholasbignellNickname: biggers (Editor’s note: small ‘b’ is intentional)
Workplace: Not working at the moment. I am an IT nerd by profession.
PB’s: Tan 12:21, 4km 12:28, 10km 33:20, 15km 50:51, half marathon 74:57, marathon 2:58
Best Running Experience: The Cotswold Hilly Hundred when I was living in the U.K. – a 100 mile road relay race, divided into 10 legs of about 10 miles (16km) each. It is certainly hilly, but the scenery is spectacular.
Worst Running Experience: My DNF in the Two Bays 56km on my birthday in 2013. I pulled out at 39km due to exhaustion – nothing left in the tank.
Racing Shoes: Adidas Boost
Years Running: 30
Why Do You Run: To stay fit and healthy, as stress relief and to enable me to eat more food without guilt. I used to run to improve my race times as well, but as I slow down, this is no longer a factor.  I also love the social aspect of running. Running with others can make a tough run so much easier. I have met so many wonderful people through running (especially the Milers) and that has enriched my life enormously.
Favourite Training Session: Descending Set
Hobbies and interests: Travel, home brewing, swimming, reading. learning new languages, computer stuff.
Most Important Thing To Me: Friends, family and fun.
Biggest Dislike: Climate change sceptics
Favourite Movie: Life of Brian
Favourite Music: Rock, classical, folk, pop, jazz, country, you name it!
Favourite Food: That’s a hard one. It all depends on the time of year, the company, the venue and other imponderables. My favourite cuisine is French (I am a Francophile and love the French language as well as the food), but I also love Italian, Chinese and Thai in particular. My homemade pasta bake, a good steak and sashimi are among my favourite foodstuffs.
Favourite Drink: Red wine, craft beer, Martinis, Scotch whisky
Favourite Event: Parkrun (it’s about the only racing I do these days).
Dream Occupation: Anything to do with running.
Most admired athlete: Steve Moneghetti – such a humble person for a man of such achievements.
Little known facts about me: I used to play the violin in an orchestra when I was a student. And like Courts, I studied Russian at Uni. I also pushed another little boy over at the beach for no reason when I was a child. That person’s life has probably never been the same ….
Questionable fact about me: I love cold climates (not that I am averse to some warmth and sunshine!). During one winter that I spent in Michigan in the U.S., it never got above freezing for about 4 months – it actually felt warm when it reached 0 degrees on one occasion.
Life Highlight: Getting married and having children. In addition, living in the U.K. for three years and living in Ann Arbor in Michigan (USA) as a post-graduate student.
Life low-point: The death of my daughter Claire in 2009. I must say that the Milers and the friends of NAB were incredibly supportive and this helped me to get through this difficult period.
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: Visit Alaska, visit Antarctica, walk the entire length of the Cotswold Way (I have done sections of it).
Favourite Quote: Blessed are the cheesemakers (from Life of Brian)