Max Howard (Deceased)

Nickname: NFM (negative forward motion)
Workplace: Bev’s place, in retirement
PBs: 200m: 27.28, 400m: 58.74, 800m: 2.10, 1500m: 4.38, 10k: 34.01, Marathon: 2.43, The Tan: 12.05
Racing shoes: Asics
Years running: 40 and counting
Why do you run: Then: I enjoyed the sense of achievement after a tough race. Now: to stay fit
Favourite training session: Then: Botanical Gardens Fartlek. Now: Doncaster track
Best running experience: Winning a 1500 m race at the 2002 World Masters Games
Worst running experience: Completing a 10k race with a stress fracture in my foot that blew up 200 metres into it.
Hobbies: Oil painting. I took this up after I retired 7 years ago and I have completed 58 paintings. I’ve sold one.
Most important thing to me: My health and fitness, and my Grand kids
Biggest dislike: The MIGHTY TIGERS coughing up goals in the last 30 seconds of a quarter. In just about every game I’ve seen.
Favourite movie: The third Indiana Jones one
Favourite music: The Richmond Football Club theme song
Favourite food: Anything that goes with red wine, specifically lamb and veggies.
Favourite drink: Red wine.
Favourite event: AFL Grand Final
Dream occupation:  That involves working! Mate, I’ve retired.
Most admired athlete: Alex Rance
Little known fact about me: I play the guitar and it’s amazing the more red I drink, the better I sound. For the newer MMM members: I have a tattoo of the MMM stickman on my shoulder.
Life highlight: Seeing my daughter born, closely followed by my Grand kids; Flynn and Adelyn, AND being president of the MMM for a total of 13 years.
Life lowlight: Seeing my wife die (breast cancer)
Three things you want to do before you die: See THE MIGHTY TIGERS win the premiership, hit a hole in one in golf, sell another painting so I can go one up on Van Gough (who only sold one while he was alive)
Favourite quote: “Fortune favours the brave, but it doesn’t favour the incompetent”  (Me…to my playing partner who was trying to choose his club on the 8th at Freeway)