Mark Symes

Nickname: Yet to be determined, a few have been thrown around
Workplace: S&P Global Rating Services
PB’s: Tan 13:33, 5km 17.52, 10km 39.41, Half 81.58, Full 3.05hrs
Best Running Experience: First 30km of the NYC marathon when running through Brooklyn and turning on to 1st avenue or the feeling of ease running during the Amsterdam marathon
Worst Running Experience: timely – it’s a toss-up between the last 4 weeks and breaking down in GC marathon or running the last 10km of the Paris half with a torn plantar fascia (didn’t run for 9 weeks after).
Racing Shoe: Mizuno Wave Rider. (Orthotics don’t allow me to have a lighter racing shoe)
Years Running: 8 years with first marathon in May 2014
Why Do I run: to clear the head, keep fit and run PBs
Favourite Training: 1x3km,2x2km,3x1km on the track or progressive Tan. Don’t like the short stuff
Hobbies: History and economics nerd, eating new foods (non-meat based) and travel (like everyone else)….oh and running might be a hobby!
Most Important Things to Me: Family, friends
Biggest Dislike: The misuse of their, there and they’re or using you’s as plural for you. Also smoking… don’t get me started
Favourite Movie: The Pianist or The Departed
Favourite Music: Anything by Oasis, the Kooks or similar, Ben Harper… pretty much anything that doesn’t suck
Favourite Food: Chickpea tagine
Favourite Drink: Kozel (Czech beer)
Favourite Event: NYC Marathon is the best running event I’ve been part of. Amsterdam Marathon is also a great event
Dream Occupation: Professional Golfer or Cricketer
Little know fact about me: In 2009 I drank 12 steins (litres) at Oktoberfest in a sitting. No chance of me doing that these days #98kg
Life Highlight: The different places I’ve travelled and seen in the last 10 years by living in 3 different countries.
Life Lowpoint: Getting a bad stomach halfway through a run when travelling in Vietnam (enough said)
3 thing I want to do before I die: Hike the Himalayas, Safari in Africa and crack sub 3 (hopefully this October)
Favourite Quote: If you can’t explain it to a 6 year old, you don’t know it yourself!