Mark Corbyn

Profile Mark Corbyn
Nickname: Corbs
Workplace: ANZ Docklands
PB’s: 800m: 2:04, 1500m: 4:20, 3k: 9:12, 5k 15:56, 10k: 33:42, HM: 74:07, Marathon: 2:48:48
Best Running Experience: Mt Buller Sky Run 2016 – it absolutely destroyed me but I learnt so much about myself and found a new determination to get straight back up after being knocked down.
Worst Running Experience: Deciding the toilet queue was too long before GC Half 2017!
Racing Shoes: Up to 10k – Nike Zoom Streak LT2, Half mara and over – Brooks Hyperion
Years Running: Started roughly once per week about 15 years ago, but training more seriously since 2014
Why Do You Run: For the love of the outdoors and fresh air
Favourite Training Session: 6 x 1k with 90 secs recovery
Hobbies: Programming, mountain biking, hiking
Most Important Thing To Me: To always appreciate what you have, even if things aren’t going to plan.
Biggest Dislike: People walking along with their heads buried in their phones
Favourite Movie: Avatar 3D
Favourite Music: Indie/Rock
Favourite Food: Pizza all day everyday
Favourite Drink: Mojito
Favourite Event: Aussie Open and Albert parkrun
Dream Occupation: Sad as it is, what I do, build apps and work with cutting edge technologies
Most admired athlete: Eliud Kipchoge
Little known fact about me: I only started running because my wife (then girlfriend) and all her family are runners
Life Highlight: Summiting Mt Rinjani during a 2 day hike to see the spectacular crater lake
Life low-point: Not getting paid for 3 months when my previous employer was going into administration wasn’t great
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: Travel around Canada, break 70 for the half mara, buy an expensive piece of art