Mark Buyck

Nickname: Cadillac
Workplace: ME Bank
PB’s: 10k 34:51, Half 1:16:38 Mara 2:46:58 (all a bit old…)
Best Running Experience: I love Two Bays – soooo pretty!
Worst Running Experience: Walking an ironman run – took longer than the swim and the ride put together
Racing Shoes: Mizuno Wave rider at the moment
Years Running: too many to count
Why Do You Run: Sadly addicted
Favourite Training Session: Sunday long run – I love a chat
Hobbies: Do I need something other than running
Most Important Thing To Me: Family and friends
Biggest Dislike: Rage against cyclists
Favourite Movie: Raiders of the lost ark
Favourite Music: Not much of a music buff – anything on Triple J
Favourite Food: Parma
Favourite Drink: G&T
Favourite Event: Two Bays
Dream Occupation: As a kid I wanted to be a pilot
Most admired athlete: Haile Gebrselassie
Little known fact about me: This year I’ll have run 10 City2Surf’s in a row
Life Highlight: First ironman finish
Life low-point: The run in my first ironman
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: Six Abbots world marathon majors; Comrades; Hike Tierra del Fuego
Favourite Quote: Even if you fall on your face you’re still moving forward