Lucy Clark

Nickname: Luce or Clarky
Workplace: Bupa
PB’s: 5km 19:32 Marathon 3:21
Best Running Experience: NYC marathon – running through all 5 boroughs was cool and the atmosphere the whole way was insane!
Worst Running Experience: The 2017 Melb Marathon. I had a big weekend racing in Bright the week before but still tried for a PB. I bonked hard at 28km. The last 14kms was hell!
Racing Shoes: ASICS Nimbus and La Sportiva Helios
Years Running: Around 14 but only more seriously in past 4
Why Do You Run: Clear my head and get rid of my excessive energy!
Favourite Training Session: Love a SLR but also like doing longer intervals (1km or mile reps)
Hobbies: Travel, eating good food, cycling and exploring in our campervan
Most Important Thing To Me: Family and health
Biggest Dislike: People chewing with mouth open and sniffing
Favourite Music: 90’s pop.
Favourite Food: Tacos
Favourite Drink: Coconut water or Espresso Martini
Favourite Event: 4 Peaks & NYC marathon
Dream Occupation: Still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, but def something outdoors and fitness related.
Most admired athlete: Mina Holder who holds the fastest time running the Ta Araroa (3000km trail from top to bottom of NZ). Shows non-elite athletes can do amazing things!
Life Highlight: Marrying my hubby; cycling from the bottom to top of UK;
Life low-point: Breaking my left hand twice in 6 months and then having to get a bone graft from my hip to fix it. Meant I missed out on running the London Marathon.
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: 1) Go to Alaska; 2) Ride Tour Aotearoa; 3) Run a 100km ultra