Katie Seibold

katieseiboldChristened: Kate Michelle Ruth Seibold
Nickname(s): “Katie” mostly, “Zum” by my sister, “Katie Cricket” & “Katie Baby” by Dad and more recently by the milers “Pocari”.
PBs 4:23:26 1500m, 9:23 3000m, 10:27:66 3000mSC, 16:26 5000m, 34:12 10,000m, 77:45 half, 2:44:11 Full marathon
Vital stats (2016): Age 41, Height 165cm, Weight 52kg
When I first joined the milers: 2001
Years running: I was a whippet in primary school. I loved beating the boys. My first fun run wasn’t until 1997. I went out hard and had to walk multiple times. I would keep getting the lead back when I resumed running. I finished 3rd in the end. I signed up for a club at the end of this race. Getting coaching advice, doing sessions and joining AV then started….
Running highlights: Numerous (and in no order):

  1. The call from AA asking if I’d like to represent Australia. That’s now happened 13 times, but the first call was the best.
  2. I exceeded my expectations (that’s rare) when I broke 16:30 for 5k.
  3. Coming 3rd in the City to Surf. I felt like that was my first break through run.
  4. Being part of the Prime Ministers team of the Future initiative and joining John Howard for morning tea at Kirribilli House
  5. Running has been the impetus for me to travel the world. I have completed 8 marathons across 5 continents.

Main achievements include:


Running lowlight: Nearly crawling to cross the finish line in the Nairobi Marathon. I didn’t realise at the time I had malaria.
Favourite session: Ganly, 1k or 3min reps.
Favourite meal: Chargrilled eye fillet with a glass of red.
Most important things to me: Family, Health, Friends, Security, Travel.