John Dixon


Nickname: JD/Dicko
Vital statistics (2013): Born: 20/2/67 in Melbourne, Height: 194 cm and shrinking, Weight: 76 kg
Family: Married to a very understanding Jo and 4 fantastic kids aged between 12 and 6 years of age
Interests outside running: Family, Tennis, Cycling
Why I started running: Have always run – doing athletics and cross country at school. Tennis has been my principal sport. Started marathons 4 years ago. It clears my head, keeps me fit and energised.
First joined the Midday Milers: In May 2013 after meeting Smurf, Thorny and Dozer for a run I got lost on down at Flinders.
Running highlight: Crossing the line after the Marathon in New York 2009 – what a buzz.
Sporting lowlight: Fracturing my foot in the Gold Coast marathon in 2011.
Favourite running shoe: Nike Zoom Elite
Favourite area for training: Eaglemont Trails
PB’s: Marathon 3.07.25 (Melbourne 2013)
Any pre-race superstitions: No, just look forward to the gun going off and starting.
Most admired sportsperson: Rafa Nadal (also Rafa from the MMM).
Favourite food: Lasagne
Favourite drink: Solo
Favourite movie: Remember the Titans
Dream occupation: Tennis Pro ranked in the top 10.
Three things on your bucket list: To get under 3hrs for the Marathon, Run Paris and Boston Marathons.
Most important thing to me: Try hard, do my best (and try to hang on to the tail of the Milers running group).