Jessie Collins

jessiecollinsNickname: Jessie J (given to me by Marbles)
Born: Born in Zimbabwe, raised in South Africa, immigrated to Australia
Workplace: John Holland Pty Ltd – 11 happy and wonderful years (I’m really lucky to have a great boss and amazing colleagues)
PB’s: R4TK 2016 – 1.23, Sri Chinmoy 10km sub 50 (paced by Marbles and loved it). Not a PB but loved Oxfam (2014)
Best Running Experience: Finishing my first half marathon (2015) alongside my beautiful Sister.
Worst Running Experience: I really struggle with the speed sessions but hope to improve over time. I’m not a natural runner!!!
Racing Shoes: Do heels on the dance floor count?!?!
Years Running: About 14 months
Why Do You Run?: I started running to get me through a very tough time in my life. I found it to be a mental, physical and emotional release (it was either running or wine).
Favourite Training Session: Finishing any training session in one piece is a favourite for me
Hobbies: I’m a Mum so my hobbies include taking long walks to the bathroom by myself and the rare moment when I get to watch a show that isn’t animated.  I also love wine, I really love wine – lol.
Most Important Thing To Me: Family
Biggest Dislike: Domestic abuse/violence – there is just too much of it in the world today
Favourite Movie: Love Actually, 7 Pounds, Shawshank Redemption, Dumb and Dumber – just to name a few
Favourite Music: Modern, old school, RnB I love it all.  I love that a tune can take you to another place, a memory, a moment that you just want to hold on to.
Favourite Food: Burger & chips, Spag Bol or anything sweet.
Favourite Drink: Coffee and champagne
Favourite Event: Finishing the 100km Oxfam challenge – 32hrs of laughter, tears and pain. Of course also raising funds to make a difference in someone’s world
Dream Occupation: Would love to open a Florist
Most admired athlete: I have a professional and non-professional admired athlete. Professional – Bruce Fordyce. Non-professional – my Mum, who is currently training for the Camino De Santiago (850km over 7 weeks).
Little known fact(s) about me: I used to be a dancer (Latin American and Hi-Energy)
Life Highlight: Becoming a Mum
Life low-point: There have been a few but each have shown me inner strength, determination and happiness (in a roundabout, messed up way).
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: Run a marathon, take Zac to Disneyland, buy a holiday house.
Favourite Quote: Tough to choose just one (I’m such a “quote” person) but one that probably relates to me now is – “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”!