Jeremy Kerner

Nickname: Many (JK, Jezza, J Dog)
Workplace: AEMO
PB’s: 1km 3:12, 5km 18:29, 10km 39:47, Half : 1:28:29
Best Running Experience: My First marathon in Queenstown NZ (2018)
Worst Running Experience: Melbourne Marathon 2019 – was so good til 36.5km , til it became so bad ­čÖü
Racing Shoes: zoomfly3
Years Running: approx 3
Why Do You Run:┬áHealth & well-being – makes you feel great & energised
Favourite Training Session: I like them all equally – you feel great after rolling the legs over regardless.
Hobbies: Other than running, spending time with friends and my family. Also love the Richmond Tigers.
Most Important Thing To Me: Aside from my family & friends, maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.
Favourite Food: Ice Cream & Italian food
Favourite Drink: Gin & Tonic
Dream Occupation: Formula 1 Driver
Most admired athlete: Kipchoge – purely inspirational
Life Highlight: Becoming a father (2 daughters -Olivia & Phoebe)
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: Run a Major marathon – likely NY. Also travel ot Europe , once the kids are older.
Favourite Quote: Fear regret more than failure