James Howe

Nickname: TBD
Workplace: Bupa
PBs: 5km: 19:15, 10km: 41:20, HM: 90:34 Marathon: 3:25
Best Running Experience: Run Melbourne 2013 – ran a near 10min PB and suddenly realised I could go faster than 5 minute kilometres. Also running the Kids Gallop at Great Ocean Road with my 5yo daughter in 2017 – such a proud dad moment.
Worst Running Experience: Gold Coast Marathon 2012 – had tonsillitis the week of the race, kept the same target pace as if I was healthy and had a very painful second half as a result.
Training Shoes: Asics Nimbus/GT2000
Racing Shoes: Adias Adios Boost
Years Running: 14 (on and off to varying degrees of seriousness)
Why Do You Run: I can start a run with a head full of questions and then work out all the answers or forget about them by the time I’m finished.
Favourite Training Session: 6x3mins
Hobbies: Golf, video games, watching just about any sport, reading
Most Important Thing To Me: My wife and three kids
Biggest Dislike: People who walk slowly
Favourite Movies: Black Hawk Down, The Bourne Supremacy, Top Gun
Favourite Music: The Killers, Fat Boy Slim, Calvin Harris, Tiesto
Favourite Food: Pizza, steak, donuts and hot chips
Favourite Drink: Coke
Favourite Event: Two Bays
Dream Occupation: SAS soldier
Most admired athlete: Chrissie Wellington and Roger Federer because they are both the ultimate professionals and decent human beings
Little known fact about me: I was mentioned by name in an episode of the original Underbelly TV series
Life Highlight: Birth of my three kids
Three things you want to do before you die: New York City Marathon, sky dive, write a book
Favourite Quote: “When you can’t keep going, go faster.” Emil Zatopek