Hamish Cropper

Nickname: Cropduster
Workplace: NAB
PB’s: mile: 4:36, 5k: 15:56, 10k: 34:14, HM: 74:49, Mara: 2:55
Best Running Experience: Edale Skyline. My first ever fell (hill/mountain) race in the UK. 32km of hills, waist deep bogs and getting lost in thick fog. Entry was under $10 and included a beer and pie at the finish. Unbelievable value.
Worst Running Experience: London Marathon where I collapsed in the last km. Managed to get up and hobble to the finish but not before I power chucked right in front of Buckingham Palace
Racing Shoes: Brooks Hyperion
Years Running: 20ish
Why Do You Run: Mostly for the endorphins.
Favourite Training Session: Toss up between a long trail run and 8 x 800s
Hobbies: home-brewing, cycling and the occasional swim
Most Important Thing To Me: morning coffee
Biggest Dislike: colleagues booking lunchtime meetings so I can’t get out for a session
Favourite Movie: Hallpass
Favourite Music: It’s not a favourite but any theme song from abc kids is pretty much the only music I listen to these days
Favourite Food: tuna and avocado
Favourite Drink: pale ale
Favourite Event: Otillo Swimrun. Race where teams of two run (65km) and swim (10km) together across a group of islands off the coast of Stockholm
Dream Occupation: Travelling the world competing in amateur endurance events…actually I guess this is more of a dream lifestyle
Most admired athlete: Tony Modra
Little known fact about me: secretly married my wife in Vegas while we were still at uni
Life Highlight: My two children
Life low-point: the overnight camp site of a two day mountain marathon in Wales. My mate and I took only the bare essentials so we had less to carry during the race…And in doing so proved the old saying “travel light, freeze at night”
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: Running holidays through North America, Patagonia and New Zealand currently top of the list
Favourite Quote: Sometimes you’re the hammer and sometimes you’re the nail