Glenn Carroll

glenncarrollNickname: Xmas, runGMC, GMC, Shooter
Workplace: Telstra Health IT
PB’s: 2:00.52 (800m) is my best pb
Best Running Experience: Oxfam and any time I feel fit
Worst Running Experience: 2014 Melbourne Marathon
Racing Shoes: Adidas – whatever is light and well priced
Years Running: Started when I stopped playing football probably about 9 years ago and I had never run more than 8 kms
Why Do You Run: Love the simplicity and the freedom
Favourite Training Session: Race specific 800 sessions after a solid lead up and I get to actually run fast.
Hobbies: Music – I have been known to DJ (beat match, mix etc) house music. Also, now I have a garden it’s gardening
Most Important Thing To Me: Family, friends and to appreciate life
Biggest Dislike: Not having a good plan
Favourite Movie: Old School
Favourite Music: I like a lot of things, but my 3 all time favourite albums are: Fat Boy Slim live on Brighton Beach, Nirvana unplugged in New York, Jeff Buckley’s Grace
Favourite Food: Good Parma
Favourite Drink: Long island ice tea
Favourite Event: AFL grand final
Dream Occupation: Captain of a luxury yacht ?
Most admired athlete: Michael Jordan
Little known fact about me: I joined the army for 3 years
Life Highlight: Birth of my two boys
Life low-point: Bali 12/10/2002
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: DJ at a big event, retire comfortably, travel more
Favourite Quote: Be the change you want to see – Ghandi