Gerard Koelmeyer


Nickname: Coalminer
Vital statistics (2013): Born: 1976 Height: 180cm Weight: 64kg
Family: Wife – Natsuko
Interests outside running: Cooking
Why I started running: To improve cycling
First joined the Midday Milers: 2012
Running highlight: Running the 2012 Melbourne Marathon together with my wife
Sporting lowlight: 2008 Melbourne Marathon – Went exactly to plan in the sense that I didn’t have one.
Favourite running shoe: Adidas Takumi
Favourite area for training: Beach Rd, Yarra Blvd
PB’s: Tan 13:23; 5k 17:46; 10k 37:55; Half marathon 89:39; Marathon 2:56:30
Any pre-race superstitions: None
Most admired sportsperson: Yuki Kawauchi; Herb Elliott; Emil Zatopek
Favourite food: Spaghetti Bolognese; sea urchin
Favourite drink: Tomato juice
Favourite movie: Match Point
Dream occupation: Writer
A little known fact about me:My heritage is Sri Lankan
Three things on your bucket list: Visiting space, speaking fluent Japanese, walking the Camino de Santiago
Most important thing to me: Living in the moment; family; self-improvement