Geoff Fisher

Nickname: To be determined
My Family: Tanya (wife), Samara and Tahlia (daughters, aged 5 and 3) My
Workplace: Sentencing Advisory Council
PB’s: Mara 3:30:19, Half: 1:33:54,
Best Running Experience: 2015 Melbourne Marathon (didn’t hit the wall)
Worst Running Experience: 2016 Melbourne Marathon (that wind, that cramp!)
Racing Shoes: Brooks Ravenna
Years Running: 6
Why Do You Run: to improve my physical, mental, social health
Favourite Training Session: Mona Fartlek
Hobbies: running, cycling, following AFL, NBA, playing guitar/singing at home with the girls
Most Important Thing To Me: family, being healthy
Biggest Dislike: waiting for public transport
Favourite Music: anything with a nice melody, 80s pop, rock ballads
Favourite Food: parma, Xiao Long Bao dumplings
Favourite Drink: ginger beer
Favourite Event: AFL Grand Final (esp featuring Hawthorn), Tour de France
Favourite Holiday Destinations: Nepal, Fiji
Most admired athlete: Cadel Evans, Patty Mills
Little known fact about me: I can say the alphabet backwards, catch grapes in my mouth and juggle 4 balls (not simultaneously, I don’t think)
Life Highlight: Meeting Tanya, birth of our children
Life low-point: Death of a good friend a few years ago
Favourite Quote: Be Brave