Gary O’Dwyer


Nickname: GGO
Vital statistics (2012): Age: 52, Height: 5’9”, Weight: Too much.
Family: Happily separated. 4 kids (23, 21, 19 & 14), 1 grandson (4).
Interests outside running: Performing – Amateur theatre & choir.
Why I started running: Couldn’t fight, couldn’t swim & was sh!@? at cricket.
First joined the Midday Milers: 2002 (Motivated to return to running by WMG2002). There was this smallish, greying, bearded bloke I used to see in the change rooms who was the president of some lunchtime running group. Funny thing was he always looked like he was running backwards when he was actually going forward.
Running highlight: Watch this space. Still working on it.
Running lowlight: Pick an injury. Pre-Traralgon May 2011 & Burnley 2010 would be right up there.
Favourite running shoe: Brooks Summon (light weight trainer).
Favourite area for training: Creek/River trails.
PB’s: Tan: 13:36, 10 km: 38:04 (Burnley 2009), Half marathon: 1:25:24* (GOR ’09 ~ 400m short), 1:27:35 (Burnley ’04), Marathon: 3:38:33 (also my PW).
Other PB’s: 1:32:44 GOR Half (23’ish km)
Best performance ever so far: King Creon, Antigone (MTC 2008). The 2007 5Ms Race Report was pretty good too.
Any pre-race superstitions: Yeah. Don’t get injured!
Favourite food: Sometimes there is nothing better than a snag with onion & tomato sauce in a slice of bread.
Favourite drink: Quite partial to a friendly merlot. Tomato juice on those rare AFD’s.
Favourite movie: Arsenic & Old Lace.
Dream occupation: To retire. I’m over this work caper. Being a full-time, amateur performer would be cool though.
Three things on your bucket list: Completing another marathon. Completing another marathon. Completing another marathon. (If I click the heels of my red, racing flats now, do I get my wish?)
How do you prepare for a race: Training.  Seriously though, I try to do the usual things. Rest, nutrition & hydration. Oh, & I tripple knot my laces when wearing flats. Maybe a couple of other Milers could try that.
A little known fact about you: If I told you then it wouldn’t be little known any longer.
Pet hate: Handicappers.