Darren Bowden

Nickname: Dirk – Marty Edwards suggested I resemble Mark Whalberg who played Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights. Apparently you don’t get a choice in your Miler nickname….so Dirk it is!
PB’s: 5k: 17.33, 10k: 36.35, HM: 82.42, M: 2.55.13
Best Running Experience: MM 2017. Perfect conditions, a negative split and a PB (2.55).
Worst Running Experience: Feb 2018. Went into the Kilcunda trail HM with a slightly sore foot. Intense pain during race and turned out to be a metatarsal stress fracture and couldn’t run for 11 weeks.
Racing Shoes: Still experimenting. Have had the Asics DS Racer, Adios and now the Gel Hyperspeed.
Years Running: 4. I finished playing football a few years ago (my cousin Joel got all the ability) and I wanted to keep active. Running to work progressed to Run Melb HM in 2015 which progressed to the 2015 MM and I haven’t stopped since.
Why Do You Run: 1) To earn my breakfast 2) Progress is very measurable 3) It is very inspiring racing on the same course as elites at the same time – very few sports offer this.
Favourite Training Session: Progressives or anything with a float
Hobbies: Reading: 1) Crime thrillers (Jack Reacher), 2) modern Australian history (A Fortunate Life, Fifteen Young Men), 3) sport/ sport psychology (anything by Matt Fitzgerald). Walking my dog, travel.
Most Important Thing To Me: The 3 women in my life: Mum (Diane), fiancee (Katherine), dog (Marley)….and my Garmin
Biggest Dislike: arrogance and anchovies
Favourite Movie: Shawshank Redemption
Favourite Music: Indie and rock: Bastille, Scouting for Girls, Snow Patrol, The Verve, Oasis.
Favourite Food: Pizza and chocolate
Favourite Drink: Cider
Favourite Event: GC marathon, if only for the warm July weather.
Dream Occupation: Dog walker
Most Admired Athlete: Michael Bevan – childhood hero. Runner: Eliud Kipchoge – he is so humble in his success
Little known fact about me: I can shear a sheep owing to growing up in Wagga on a farm.
Life Lowpoint: Tagging Brett Kirk who was returning from injury with the Sydney Swans reserves. He had about 100 possessions to half time. Safe to say he was winning the battle.
Life Highlight: Living in England for 5 years allowed me to travel extensively through Europe, Africa and Sth America.
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: 1) See Oasis live, I got sold a fake ticket and was turned away at the door in 2009, 2) run a sub 2.50 marathon, 3) run an overseas marathon.
Favourite Quote: 1) “The difference between wanting and achieving is discipline”, 2) “Be your best, no more, no less, no excuses”