Daniel Hall

Nickname: I’ve always just been Dan, but open to any suggestions!
Workplace: Health Purchasing Victoria at the top of Lonsdale St.
PB’s: 5km – 17.51, 10km – 38.10, 21km – 1:26, 42km – 3:01
Best Running Experience: GOR marathon 2016 (closely followed by my other 2 marathons there, love that marathon!). A 3:04 PB at the time and easily my best ever marathon performance, running into a head wind the entire race.
Worst Running Experience: Melbourne marathon 2013. Ran on 3hr pace for 30km and blew up last 12km to a 3:21. Got overtaken by a walker up Birdwood which just finished me off!!
Racing Shoes: Currently Brooks GTS. All time favourites Adidas Boston’s.
Years Running: 10 (2017)
Why Do You Run: I always wanted to run the London marathon. Back in 2007 they still had the ballot with guaranteed entry after 3 unsuccessful entries. But they scrapped that the year I was due to qualify! So I decided I would aim for the Good for age qualifying time instead. It took me 5 marathons but I finally ran sub 3:05 at GOR 2016. Now all that’s left is to actually get to London and run it.
Favourite Training Session: 6x1km at AOP and 6x3mins on the tan.
Hobbies: Nowadays it’s running, but when I was young I played a lot of soccer and when I retired I moved into coaching, which is something I still do, most recently for an U18s girls team. I also occasionally try my hand at the odd triathlon when I need some variation from running.
Most Important Thing To Me: My wife and daughter. Lindsay and I got married 2 years ago in the UK and Emmie came along in March this year. Can’t believe she’s almost 8 months already!!
Biggest Dislike: When work gets in the way of my training, particularly when people want to arrange meetings during lunchtime! What’s that about!?
Favourite Movie: Lock, stock and two smoking barrels.
Favourite Music: Mostly indie (Kings of Leon, Killers, Oasis, Courtneers)
Favourite Food: I love food! so picking a favourite is hard, but it’s probably between Indian, Italian and Mexican.
Favourite Event: GOR marathon.
Dream Occupation: Professional soccer coach
Most admired athlete: Mo Farah. His times are not near the top of the all time records, but he was almost unbeatable in a race
Little known fact about me: I didn’t drink coffee or wine before I arrived in Melbourne and now they’re my favourite drinks. I have coffee everyday and pretty much my favourite way to relax in Melbourne, apart from running, is visit vineyards and go for lunch at wineries, especially in the summer.
Life Highlights: Getting married and having my daughter Emmie. From a sporting perspective, playing soccer in the FA Cup when I lived in the UK and completing Melbourne Ironman more recently.
Three Sporting Things You Want To Do Before You Die: Run a sub 3 marathon, do an ironman at Kona, coach soccer professionally.
Favourite Quote: They never give in, and that’s why they’re winners. (Sir Alex Ferguson just after his Manchester Utd team won the European Cup by coming from 1-0 with a minute left to win 2-1).