Chris Wright

chriswrightNickname: Doc
Workplace: Department of Education and Training
PB’s: Tan – 12.57, 10km – 37.32, Half marathon – 83.29, Full marathon – 3.29
Best running experiences: Winning the 2015 Alan Barkauskas Award, first sub 13 Tan
Worst Running Experience: Blowing up at 33km in 2016 Melbourne marathon!
Racing Shoes: Saucony Kinvara
Years Running: 8 (regularly at lunch times)
Why Do You Run: That blown out feeling after a hard session, and the feeling of achievement after running a PB
Favourite Training Session: Fartlek through the gardens (illegal)
Hobbies: Most ball sports, water sports, guitar
Most Important Thing To Me: Family, friends and good health
Biggest Dislike: Poorly planned transport infrastructure, lunch time meetings
Favourite Movie: Life of Brian
Favourite Music: 70s/80s and earlier rock
Favourite Food: Big hearty German/Austrian food
Favourite Drink: Real ale and craft beer
Favourite Event: Portsea Twilight
Dream Occupation: Active Transport Planner
Most admired athlete: Nick Riewoldt
Little known fact about me: I can recite Banjo Paterson poems
Life Highlight: 13 month old daughter
Life low-point: Saints losing back to back grand finals
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: See the Saints win a grand final, beat my old man’s marathon PB (2:47), travel the parts of the world I haven’t gone yet (too many to name)
Favourite Quote: Yesterday is gone, forget it. Tomorrow is still to come, don’t think about it. Today is here, use it. – Granny