Chris Osborne


Nickname: CC
Vital statistics: Age: 37, Height: 175cm, Weight: 72kg 66kg
Family: 3 boys, 1 wife
Interests outside running: Fatherhood, mountain biking, rogaining
Why I started running: Did the time vs. value assessment and quickly realised that I got the best value from running to improve fitness. Also I found that it got me places quicker than walking.
First joined the Midday Milers: Nigel Aylott introduced me to the MMM back in 2002ish. First ever run with the milers was the killer loop handicap off Nigel’s handicap.
Most admired sportsperson: Lance Armstrong
Running highlight: 2011 Melbourne Marathon
Running lowlight: 2003 Melbourne Marathon
Favourite running shoe: It’s not about the shoe!
Favourite area for training: I have a regular 22km loop that is Darebin Creek, main Yarra Tail and the Heidelberg Hill. You Yangs on the mountain bike.
PB’S: Tan: 13:04, Marathon: 2:56:55 (2011)
Best performance ever: Australian 24 hour solo championships, 2007. 3rd in age group, 9th overall. Qualified for the elite 24 hour world championships in the US.
Any pre-race superstitions: Avoid pedestrian crossings
Favourite food: Sushi
Favourite drink: James Squire, Golden Ale. Apple, black current juice, no longer drink!
Favourite movie: The Gods Must Be Crazy
Dream occupation: Retired (full time)
Three things on your bucket list: Sub 3 hour marathon. Another solo 24 hour race.
How do you prepare for a race: Eat well, sleep well but rarely get to do either.
A little known fact about you: Most people know this but I’ll remind you anyway. Might help with my handicap times. Remember to imagine violin music in the background as you read on. At the end of 2007 (Oct 25th), the absolute pinnacle of my fitness (on the back of my 24 hour training), I was demolished by a car on a pedestrian crossing. Fractured my spine, my skull, my sternum and my collar bone. This included a traumatic brain injury. The good wife was told on her birthday (1st November) that they would have to turn me off because of my lack of response. Responded that afternoon. A month in intensive care, 2 months in rehab then home for Christmas. Lessons learnt: always look before you step onto a road, Green man or not. Value your health/fitness, easy to lose, very hard to regain.