Chris Rancie

Nickname: Chriso or Rance (might be time for a new one)
Workplace: Rancie Financial
PB’s: 800m 1.59, 1500 4.04, 2km steeple 6.06, 3km 8.50, 5km 16.21, 10km 33.55, TAN LAP 12.21, Half marathon 73.30, Full marathon 2.32.36
Best Running Experience: 2017 Gold Coast marathon, 2.18 negative split, incredible experience to finish so strong
Worst Running Experience: Kona 2016 and last 3hrs of Coburg 6hr event
Racing Shoes: adizero tempo
Years Running: on and off a bit. Last 4yrs have been in triathlon and have focussed on only running since start of this year
Why Do You Run: i enjoy it and want to see how fast i can go
Favourite Training Session: easy run
Hobbies: training, water-skiing, footy, coffee shop catch ups
Most Important Thing To Me: family
Favourite Movie: Notting Hill
Favourite Music: my pandora plays a lot of Les Mis and Adele
Favourite Food: sushi
Favourite Drink: smoothie
Favourite Event: Kona…hopefully 2017 GC marathon
Dream Occupation: full time athlete
Most admired athlete: Nathan Buckley
Little known fact about me: child number 8 in a family of 10 kids
Life Highlight: 2017 Gold Coast Marathon. Closely behind was coming 3rd in 30-34 70.3/half-ironman World Champs 2016
Life low-point: sport wise kona 2016 and grade 4 missing state xc team by 1 spot…sprint finish and i came 6th haha
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: run a very fast marathon, win my age group at Kona, live in NYC for a year