Bella Richardson

Nickname: only names that should never be spoken of!
Workplace: Retired ?
PB’s: 5km- 18:27, 10km- so slow it’s time for a hitout, Half- 1:23, Full- 3:02
Highest Mileage week: 102mi/165km
Best Running Experience: There are too many to count so I’ll have to go with my most euphoric running experience. A solo 18 mile training run with 15 miles at 2:58 MP in a torrential downpour, running through lake like puddles, and a grin on my face from ear to ear!!!
Worst Running Experience: January 1, 2015- New Years Eve 5km followed by a New Years Day 5km followed by a 9 month stress fracture in my pelvis.
Racing Shoes: Adidas Adios & Nike Streak. The bulk of my training is in either the Adidas Boston or Ultra Boost
Years Running: 13 or 14 years maybe. More seriously for the last 5 or 6.
Why Do You Run: Because I’m a nut job if I don’t!
Favourite Training Session: Give me a long session at MP or HMP and I am a happy camper! I do love a good old fashion tempo though!
Hobbies: thrift store and vintage shopping, traveling, adventuring, crocheting, Fashion/Style- I love ripping up Levi’s, repurposing old shirts, and if I can’t find a fashion or running apparel item that I need or want I will try to make it myself.
Most Important Thing To Me: My better half Trae, my family and my faith.
Biggest Dislike: loud chewing/drinking, dog poop and irresponsible dog owners.
Favourite Movie: If it’s a psychological thriller I probably loved it or will watch it & love it.
Favourite Music: Electronic
Favourite Food: Brätwurst in a bread roll w/mustard & sauerkraut. I can also be easily persuaded into eating gummy candies for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Favourite Drink: pour over coffee and Kombucha
Favourite Event: Prefontaine Classic
Dream Occupation: I’m living it baby!
Most admired athlete: Ryan Hall- every race he ran, he ran to win which meant epic blowups, but when the day aligned it also meant EPIC success. Hicham El Guerrouj- need I say more.
Little known fact about me: I have a rare “disease” called Kienböcks. Basically I have a dead fractured bone in my wrist. I am also an avid sleep talker & I can’t sleep without a fan.
Life Highlight: Obviously number one was marrying my husband. A close second would be the opportunity to live and travel with him for the past year and a half in Europe and then transplanting to Melbourne.
Life low-point: not being able to have kiddos right when I want them.
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: Have children, see as much of the world as humanly possible, hike and camp through the Swiss Alps.
Favourite Quote: “The long run is what puts the tiger in the cat.” – Bill Squires