Arthur Karanasios

arthurkaranasiosNickname: AK47
Workplace: Cengage
Vital statistics: Height: 179cm, Weight: 73 kg
PB’s: The Mile 5.22, 5km 17.54, Tan 13.55, 10km 39.06, Half Marathon 86:49
Favourite area for training: The Tan
Racing Shoes: Asics Tarther Zeal, Mizuno Hitogami
Training Shoes: Adidas Tempo, Mizuno Inspire
Years Running: 5 (as at 2016)
Why Do You Run: to keep fit
Favourite Training Session: Descending set
Hobbies: Running
Most Important Thing to Me: Family
Favourite Food: Japanese
Favourite Drink: Water
Favourite Event: 5k