Amy Yeo

Nickname: bugs
Workplace: Choi’s Restaurant, housewife and maid
PB’s: 5km: 21:18, 10km: 45:25, Half Marathon 1:40:40, Marathon: 3:47
Best running experience: Great Marathon campaign before Nagano with the full support of coach Simon Bevege. Got me to the start line in the best shape of my life.
Worst running experience: Sri Chinmoy half marathon, Princes Park, 2017, for the following reasons: * Decided to go on a no-carb diet the day before the race. * Light headed by 16km * Sore groin * Walked 8km of the race – couldn’t even walk the last km of the race without Vonny Turamali supporting me.
Racing shoes: Adidas Adios Boost
The number of years you have been running: 5 years (as at 2017)
Why do you run: For social reasons – I have met so many good friends along the way
Favourite training session: 6 x 3mins
Hobbies and interests: Running, weight training, yoga, singing, listening to music, shopping
Most important thing to me: my kids
Biggest dislike: People who are habitually late for meetings
Favourite Movies: Pretty Woman, Now You See Me & Mr Popper’s Penguins
Favourite Music: English and Chinese pop songs, jazz
Favourite food: Potato crisps
Favourite drink: Gin & tonic
Favourite event: parkrun
Dream occupation: Hairdresser
Little known facts about me: Migrated to Australia at the age of 16 with no English exposure. The first phrase I learned from my cousin was “same to you” in response to everything everyone said to me in high school. If someone said “You are a bitch, Amy”, the response would be “Same to you”. I was totally intimidated to speak to any English speaking people because I wouldn’t understand a word they said.
Life highlights: birth of my 2 beautiful kids and completing my first marathon
Life low-point: Frequent arguments with my husband David due to running. Had to defriend a very close friend due to a misunderstanding.
Three things you want to do before you die: 1. Run the 6 major marathons 2. Travel around the world. 3. Learn how to swim
Favourite quote: Persist until success happens