Paul Noisette

Nickname: Noisy
Workplace: DoDefence
Best Running Experience: running in Summer
Worst Running Experience: Running in Winter
Racing Shoes: NIKE Lunareclipse5
Years Running: 35
Why Do You Run: To keep slightly fit, and I enjoy the running people
Favourite Training Session: any millers session on Tues/Thurs
Hobbies: Aviation
Most Important Thing To Me: that my family and friends are all OK
Biggest Dislike: Winter
Favourite Movie: Beatlejuice, Black Hawk Down, Battle of Midway, Pearl Harbour
Favourite Music: pop songs, 70’s and some in last 10 years
Favourite Food: Beef Olives
Favourite Drink: Sav Blanc
Favourite Event: Avalon Airshow
Dream Occupation: Fighter Pilot
Most admired athlete: Anyone that I’m running with
Little known fact about me: Wow I can’t tell you about that one, errr no I can’t tell that one either ? no nothing unusual
Life Highlight: The first time I flew a light plane on my own, and the plane could still be used afterwards
Life low-point: Parents passing away from an illness (30+ years ago)
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: Run along an Hawaiian Beach while I still Can, Fly a fast jet, go to Oshkosh the worlds biggest Air Show
Favourite Quote: No prizes for second place, though I dream of coming second in a race now days ?