Stan Karanasios

Nickname: None officially allocated by MMM. Some friend call me ‘Sterg’—it’s a play on my Greek name.
Workplace: RMIT University
PB’s: 1mile—4:54, 5k—16:43, 10k—35:39, marathon—2:48
Best Running Experience: Paris marathon. And, Stansbury Splash fell race in Yorkshire: snow, mud, hills, its fantastic
Worst Running Experience: Getting lost during a trail race in 2014 (actually it happens quite often)
Racing Shoes: I’m not really racing, so I just wear whatever. Currently mainly NewBalance Vaze Pace
Years Running: About 8
Why Do You Run: I enjoy it sometimes ?? I tried retiring a few times, but my wife made me start again.
Favourite Training Session: I really enjoyed ‘Bevo Fartlek’ a few weeks back. Also, I like anything with hills or on the track.
Hobbies: Reading: currently I m reading Sandi Nypaver and Sage Canaday’s “The Sage Running Secret” (it’s OK) and “The Worst Journey in the World”
Most Important Thing To Me: Family
Biggest Dislike: Morning runs
Favourite Movie: Children of men
Favourite Music: Lots of different stuff. Mainly I listen to electronic music while running, but I also really like artists like Hans Zimmer and Ramin Djawadi
Favourite Food: Indian curry, donuts, chocolate, apple pie, ice cream (I have a bad running diet)
Favourite Drink: Ron Zacapa Rum
Favourite Event: I love trail races, fell races and anything in the mountains
Dream Occupation: Is it too late to be a footballer?
Most admired athlete: Maradona (pre-2000), Ronaldo, Messi, Scott Jurek, Mo Farah,
Little known fact about me: I’ve been to about 60 countries
Life Highlight: In terms of running completing my first marathon (Paris).
Life low-point: In terms of running a DNF at Barcelona marathon
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: Ultramarathon, Marathon de sables, Western states (but they will kill me!)
Favourite Quote: The price of life is death (Mallory)