Simon Moore

simonmooreNickname: S’more
Workplace: Business Analyst at netwealth Investment Management
PB’s: Tan: 14:02, 5km: 18:46, 10km: 38:49, Half Marathon: 1:26:38, Marathon: 3:13:50.
Best Running Experience: Finishing my first marathon in Melbourne 2015
Worst Running Experience: Luckily I do not have anything that stands out.
Racing Shoes: Asics Kayano
Years Running: Most of my life, but between early 20s and 40 I avoided competing for no real reason.
Why Do You Run:  Time to self & keeping fit.
Favourite Training Session: 3 Lap progressives
Favourite Training Location: Anywhere away from Traffic
Hobbies: Running, Cycling & Spending time with family.
Most Important Thing To Me: Family & Health
Favourite Movie: Monty Python – Holy Grail
Favourite Music: Queen/Eagles
Favourite Food: Souvlaki or Pizza
Favourite Drink: Tea
Favourite Event: Burnie 10 (same weekend as MM)
Dream Occupation:  Putting stickers on Apples
Most admired athlete: Lleyton Hewitt (didn’t leave anything in locker room)
Little known fact about me: Ran the first 10 Burnie Tens, and haven’t run one since (Best time was in the mid 35mins).
Life Highlight: Birth of Ella (9) & James (6), and getting married to Esta
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: Run sub 3hr Marathon, Bike ride around Tassie, Learn to ski. (not sure I’ll do any)
Favourite Quote: ‘Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently’ Henry Ford.