Ryan Hockin

Nickname: The Hoc
Workplace: Advantedge @ 101 Collins
PB’s: parkrun 22:22. Haven’t been running long enough for any other significant pb’s.
Best Running Experience: Representing Team Mazzie at the Emer Casey Fun Run every year and seeing all our mates support my buddy Jeff’s mother who passed away a few weeks after the run.
Worst Running Experience: Trying to outrun the cop’s at my brother in laws bucks party and spending the night in the cage. Still haven’t quite lived that one down.
Racing Shoes: ASICS. Black ones.
Years Running: Sporadically the last 2 years and started taking it serious in Jan 2019.
Why Do You Run: Fitness and to try to get under 95kgs.
Favourite Training Session: Love a good Fartlek
Hobbies: I love buying vinyl, going to the gym and watching NFL.
Most Important Thing To Me: My wife and daughter, friends, family and pets and living a happy, stress free life.
Biggest Dislike: Individual scorecards and KPI’s, ignorant pig headed people, maniac drivers.
Favourite Movie: Rounders. We went to the snow for a week and watched it twice a day every day we were there. “If you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker”.
Favourite Music: I love all music. Right now it’s Billie Eilish’s new album and a jazz fusion album from The Comet is Coming. You can’t beat a good live show. But my daughter only lets me listen to the Frozen soundtrack. I wish she would listen to the lyrics and let it go already.
Favourite Food: Muffins. Ooh I could go one right now.
Favourite Drink: Jameison and raw cola but I’m taking 2019 off alcohol.
Favourite Event: Emer Casey Fun Run
Dream Occupation: Professional sports player in the NBA or NFL.
Most admired athlete: Tom Brady. Oh wait, I thought you said despised. It’s hard being a Miami Dolphins fan with this guy around. Just retire already!
Little known fact about me:  I love romantic comedies. People give me shit about it but I ask you this, can you name one bad Hugh Grant movie?
Life Highlight: Watching my baby girl grow and develop and travelling for a year in 2007.
Life low-point: Putting my dog Chase down.
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die:
1. Turn 110 years old and be sane and healthy enough to know it’s happening.
2. Visit every country in the world
3. Go to a Miami Dolphins game
Favourite Quote: I can only quote stupid things from dumb movies. Nothing inspirational or enlightening at all so I won’t bother giving you one.