Georgina Wiley

Nickname: G/Coyote (although that doesn’t seem to have taken off Hoju!!)
Workplace: Peter Mac
PBs: 5k: 19.11, 10k: 39.51, HM: 1.31.13 Mara: 3.12.49
Best Running Experience: winning the Sandy point 10k last year
Worst Running Experience: all those Saturday afternoons in high school spent boundary umpiring in the mud and cold in Tasmania.
Racing Shoes: Nike flyknit frees (need an upgrade I think though!)
Years Running: consistently since the end of 2015, but since I was little really. Primary and high school I loved sprinting especially 400 metres.
Why Do You Run: so many reasons! Mental health, to challenge myself, the opportunity to meet so many people I wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to, to be part of a community, because it’s fun, to eat all the foooood!!
Favourite Training Session: Oooh – descending set!
Hobbies: running?! Haha! Otherwise: Travel, reading, checking out new cafes, and spending time with friends as much as I can!
Most Important Thing To Me: Feeling loved and valued and that I love and value those around me
Biggest Dislike: People walking looking down at their phones while you’re running, so many near misses!!
Favourite Movie: Amelie!
Favourite Music: Love some indie but also really love some dance music
Favourite Food: Sushi and chocolate!
Favourite Drink: Beetroot, carrot and celery juice yum, alcohol: always bubbles or a glass of good Pinot noir!
Favourite Event: Christmas! A group of friends have started a ‘chicken run’ based off the turkey run in the US where we run around Albert Park on Christmas morning holding fake chickens and then have sparking Shiraz and breakfast at St Ali. I hope you’ll all join in this year!
Running event: parkrun of course!
Dream Occupation: love what I do but would love to be a travel writer
Most admired athlete: Mary Keitany, I love that she is so fearless and just goes for it, I seem to have lost that lately!
Little known fact about me: I have double jointed thumbs and I can’t stand wooden cutlery in my mouth, even the thought of it makes me gag!
Life Highlight: taking a year off to travel when I was 25. I so want to do it again!
Life low-point: Almost moving to Amsterdam for a guy who didn’t deserve me ?.
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: Write a book, run an ultra (maybe comrades?!), make a difference
Favourite Quote: “Integrity is choosing courage over comfort; choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy; and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them.” – Brene Brown