Ewen Vowels

ewenvowelsNickname: Smurf – Dozer is responsible for this as I ran (in a blue top with blue shoes) with him and House in the 3 hour pacing group in Melbourne 2011.
Workplace: Sledgehammer Games
PB’s: Tan 12:50; 5k 17:17; 10k 35:26; Puffing Billy 48:18; Half marathon 1:16:37; Marathon 2:42:05.
Vital statistics (2016): Age: 41 Height: 178cm Weight: Somewhere between 78-92kg
Why I started running: Started running in ~2005 to lose weight and for my mental health. Switched from riding due to time constraints with a young family.
First joined the Midday Milers: August 2011 – I was doing a long marathon training run (in torrential rain and hail) when I bumped into a skinny bloke called Dozer. He slowed down enough for a chat and he said I should stop by the Tan at lunchtime! First session was the Test of Manhood – which I failed miserably and had to step off.
Running highlight: Melbourne Marathon 2012 PB – 42nd across the line on one of those rare days when everything went perfectly. Oxfam 2014 –a podium finish after a great day out with the Miler team!
Running lowlight: Melbourne marathon 2013 – went in with Osteitis Pubis and finished with minor stress fractures to the pelvis – needless to say it was a horrible day out.
Favourite running shoe: Anything blue – was New Balance for a long time.
Favourite Training Session: Mona fartlek or marathon pace tempo at the end of a long run.
Any pre-race superstitions: No.
How do you prepare for a race?: Do the training then enjoy a long taper – a good carbo load before a marathon (or longer) distance is always nice too. Normally go off coffee and alchohol the week before the race.
Hobbies: Farming, computer games, reading, music, food and the Mighty Hawks.
Most important thing to me: Health and family
Biggest dislike: Disingenuous politicians
Favourite area for training: Tan, Eaglemont, Flinders
Favourite food: I don’t discriminate (see weight) – Japanese, Italian, Malaysian, steak and anything with carbs.
Favourite drink: Coffee, Beer
Favourite movies: Aliens, Fifth Element, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Favourite music: Everything from Metal to Classical. My favourites are Pink Floyd, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Faith No More, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Dvorak.
Dream occupation: Semi-retired farmer
Most admired athletes: John Landy, Cadel Evans, Luke Hodge and Dozer
A little known fact about me: I was married on a frozen river in Banff National Park in Canada and I played Ice Hockey for 4 years when living in the United States.
All too well known facts about you: I like to wear the colour blue.
Life Highlight: Birth of my kids. Seeing the Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights in Canada.
Life low-point: Losing my dad Christmas Eve 2013
Three things on your bucket list: Ironman, visit Kodiak Island and ride the World’s 10 biggest Roller Coasters!
Favourite quote: “Shut up legs!” – Jens Voigt