Ben Briggs

Nickname: Has been Briggsy all my life so will go with that
Workplace: The adults playground @ Crown Resorts (can be found regularly at Nobu in a “business meeting”)
PB’s: 1km 2:54, 5km 17:22, 10km 35:39 ,Half marathon 76:15, Full marathon 2:46:53
Best Running Experience: 2017 Gold Coast half marathon. Had a head cold and a high heart rate and at the 3km mark knew I was in for a tough day. Mentally I had been preparing myself for the race for about a month and there was no doubt in my mind that I was not going to break 80.  I smashed my pb and my target time but more importantly built some mental strength for future challenges ahead.  Melbourne marathon last year and breaking 3hrs with Matt Adams I could also write an essay about as that was a very emotional one!
Worst Running Experience: Running a parkrun with gastro….luckily there is a toilet at about the 4km mark as I could not even fart for fear of  shi&$ing myself that day. I did claim the pink slipper award that day.
Racing Shoes: Nike Zoom Fly
Years Running: For about 3 years
Why Do You Run: It is the foundation and the secret to a happy and balanced life. The post race feeling when you and your mates have smashed a pb, to discover new places I would have probably missed had I driven, the social side of meeting like minded people, to now only need two beers and I’m tipsy…..I could go on and on here.
Favourite Training Session: Mona, (1x3km,2x2km,3x1km)
Hobbies: Travelling (another reason why I run), basketball, football, snowboarding… sons sports (tennis, swimming and karate) have now become my hobbies also.
Most Important Things To Me: family, friends and close friendships, health, laughing, honesty and integrity, being able to provide for my family
Favourite Movie: Top Gun, White Men Can’t Jump, Pulp Fiction, The Game(great twist in this movie), Shawshank Redemption
Favourite Music: It really depends on the mood. I can sit back and enjoy an acoustic guitar session, cruise in the car to some hip hop or house music, go and see a live band of someone I never seen before and be blow away ( Fat Freddy Drop) or have a date night finishing off with an intimate setting with John Legend (Detroit) or be dragged by the wife to see Adele.  Anything that puts a smile on my face and makes me feel good.
Favourite Food: Japanese and Mexican
Favourite Drink: smoothie, espresso martini (another reason why I run), a really nice Pinot Noir
Favourite Event: Marathon (always emotional as so much goes into it)
Dream Occupation: professional athlete
Most admired athlete: Michael Jordan, Mo Farah, Tom Brady, Roger Federer
Little known fact about me:  I have lived and worked in Detroit, (USA). I spent some time growing up in the states in the State of Vermont. I I’m also on my third passport as the others were filled with stamps! My parents have been divorced and remarried resulting in a family tree that resembles a blackberry bush. It has resulted in 4 brothers and 1 sister whom are currently scattered all over the world.
Life Highlight: Nothing will ever surpass the feeling of holding my son for the first time. Seeing my wife walk down the aisle.
Life low-point: The feeling of letting people down when I was once engaged and cancelled the wedding with only 6 weeks out! Best decision of my life ( hope she never becomes a miler to read this) but man that was tough. Did teach me a great lesson to go with your heart, trust your instincts and make decisions!
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die:  Beat Sean Helmot in a marathon, Race Sean Helmot in a Marathon….this rivalry will be one for the ages. Seriously 1) See my son get married and have kids 2) See about 20 more counties and hopefully run a marathon in each 3) Go to a game 7 NBA finals match.