Ant Rickards

Nickname: Antman
Workplace: Philip Chun – Building Code Consultants
PB’s: 800m: 2:00, 1500m: 4:12, 3000m: 8:58, 5000m: 15:07, 10000m: 31:50, Half: 70:05, Mara: 2:23:45
Best Running Experiences:
#1. 2nd Place overall Melb Mara 2006 & winning the Vic State Mara Title.
#2. 1st place & 3:30:49 [Course Record] Annual Percy Cerutty Frankston to Portsea 55 Kilometre Road Race 2008
Worst Running Experience: None…you learn more about yourself when it’s hardest. My 2 hardest event experiences, #1. My first Half Ironman in 2000. #2. The 56km at 2Bays 2014.  Reason being I wasn’t prepared for either.  These both took me deep into the Well.
Racing Shoes: Nike 4%
Years Running: A lot 🙂 since I was a kid. My first Marathon was in 2001.
Why Do You Run: It’s who we are….. I’m free when I run, free from all the external noise of life, to test myself & my limits. You can run anywhere when you travel, a great way to see new places.
Favourite Training Session: the long hard sessions, with training group where you all push each other.
Hobbies: Golf (occasionally)
Most Important Thing to Me: family & friends, be genuine, look out for each other
Biggest Dislike: Fakes / Pretenders
Favourite Movie: Star Wars
Favourite Music: Rock (Queen/ACDC/Green Day)
Favourite Food: Seafood
Favourite Drink: Whiskey / Beer
Favourite Event: Marathon
Most admired athlete: Haile Gebrselassie
Little known facts about me: former Lightweight Rower (Aus Rep 1994), Ironman Triathlete (7 IM & 2 x Kona (9:12 pb)), Duathlete (2005 World Champion 30-34 AG). Currently at 37 Mara’s and counting.
Life Highlight: my Kids (Max & Stella) & coming back from my stroke.
Life low-point: Would have to say having a Stroke Sept 2016. However, you learn to see and appreciate things a bit differently after that 🙂
Favourite Quote: Persistence prevails when all else fails