Andrew Rancie

Workplace: Rancie Financial
PB’s: 5k 18:15, 10k 37:24, Half 1:26:28, Marathon 3:59:59
Best Running Experience: Surf Coast Trail Half Marathon
Worst Running Experience: GC Marathon 2018
Racing Shoes: Nike Flyknit
Years Running: 5
Why Do You Run: Passion, obsession, challenge, mental health
Favourite Training Session: LSR
Hobbies: Cycling, French
Most Important Thing To Me: Wife and Kids
Biggest Dislike: Pen clicking
Favourite Movie: Midnight in Paris
Favourite Music: Unwritten Law
Favourite Food: Cheese
Favourite Drink: Kombucha
Favourite Event: Melbourne Marathon Festival
Dream Occupation: Professional Golfer
Most admired athlete: Lebron James
Little known fact about me: Live on the Gold Coast
Life Highlight: Having my kids
Life low-point: getting sick in Feb 2019
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: 2:49 marathon, living in France for 1 year, buy Porsche
Favourite Quote: “You can always go faster”- Craig Alexander