Sunday long run from Eaglemont tomorrow leaving tennis court carpark at 7.30am - Lurch and I will be doing about at least 24kms but may extend up to about 27kms. All welcome to join in for whatever distance suits! ... See MoreSee Less

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Nick Paine is it your 50th Park Run next weekend? ... See MoreSee Less

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Looking for something different tomorrow? How about a farm explorer? 16-22km rolling hills at Neerim. Shane Fielding? ... See MoreSee Less

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Looks like stevie williams took home the bacon in a lazy 17 flat at Parkville parkrun. Well done mate ... See MoreSee Less

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No parkrun for me today, but represented the Milers on the Mooloolaba waterfront. It was a world away from Eagelmont. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi everyone. Just a question on the 'auto pause' functionality on our watches. Should we/I use it when doing sprints with a rest period offer each?

Does the auto pause increase your avg pace as it takes a while to pause? And do you need to run further to make up the distance, as it takes 3 or 4 seconds to realise you are running again?
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Well done today gents ... See MoreSee Less

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Maribyrnong Park Run was owned by the Midday Milers this morning. Great running by all. Congrats to Dave Alcock on taking line honours! ... See MoreSee Less

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Winners are grinners 😎😎 ... See MoreSee Less

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Anyone Park Running in the morning? ... See MoreSee Less

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What's the go today, couple of tans? ... See MoreSee Less

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There will be a 17:15-17:20 pace train at Maribyrnong Park Run if anyone is interested. At this stage it's myself, Bermuda and Duff. ... See MoreSee Less

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Current fortnightly training program:
... See MoreSee Less

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What's the session today?I think Simon Bevege 's last email was missing the attachment ? ... See MoreSee Less

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Our man Richard Does Dozer is leading the pack. Keep going Dozer ... Just turn up and do your thing.... It's a game of consistence in the the old farts category.
Steve Brennan, Dave Mellings and Hally also on the list and running well. Malcolm Campbell been listed in wrong age group (also listed in M40 from round 2) meaning Hally was robbed a point by his own team mate.
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Park Run results. The Red train descended onto Parkville and picked up 6 age category records and 3 PBs with the highlight being Kate smashing the women's record.


2 David HARTLEY 17:34 VM40-44 Age Grade % 78.27 %, new age category record
3 Shane FIELDING 17:43 VM50-54 83.25 %, new age category record
5 Kate SEIBOLD 18:01 VW40-44 85.38 %, female course record, new age category record
9 James CHIRIANO 19:03 VM40-44 72.18 %
10 Mark PURVIS 19:11 VM55-59 82.19 %, new age category record
14 Michael BIALCZAK 19:38 VM55-59 78.95 %
17 Greg ROCHE 19:55 VM40-44 70.13 %, PB
20 Geoff FISHER 19:58 VM40-44 68.36 %, PB
23 Under TAKER 20:18 VM45-49 69.87 %, PB
24 Pamela SKAUFEL 20:47 VW40-44 74.58 %
48 James HARTLEY 25:17 JM10 64.67 %, new age category record
49 Jessie COLLINS 25:18 VW35-39 59.49 %
69 Madeleine SKAUFEL 29:26 JW10 59.63 %, new age category record
70 Darren VANDENBERG 30:58 VM45-49 47.26 %
98 Frankie HARTLEY 47:41 JM11-14 31.18 %

Albert Park:

7 Nick PAINE 18:17 VM35-39 74.11 %
18 Andrew RANCIE 19:41 VM35-39 67.40 %, PB


4 Scott STACEY 20:24 VM35-39 66.42 %
41 Chris WADE 26:23 VM40-44 52.94 %

I have added in Rob Dalton's unofficial 17:14 from last week into the Sub 18 list.

Sub 18 minute
1 Bevo 15:22 Albert Park
2 Woolies 16:06 Berwick Springs
3 MJ 16:08 Maribyrnong
4 Stevie W 16:10 Albert Park
5 Adam Peel 16:13 Maribyrnong
6 Brett 16:14 Balyang
7 Joji 16:15 Albert Park
8 Bacchus 16:22 Albert Park
9 Dozer 16:25 Mornington
10 Peely 16:33 Berwick Springs
11 Nigel Preston 16:37 Claisebrook Cove
12 Thorny 16:40 Balyang
13 David Hartley 16:47 Berwick Springs
14 House 16:52 Albert Park
15 LG 17:06 Albert Park
16 Hoju 17:07 Albert Park
16 Nick Turner 17:07 Albert Park
18 Rob Dalton 17:14 Maribyrnong, 14/5/16
19 Slips 17:15 Berwick Springs
20 Tait Ovens 17:16 Balyang
20 Stan Karanasios 17:18 Albert Park
22 Simon Tu 17:18 Maribyrnong
23 Rog 17:20 Berwick Springs
24 David Alcock 17:26 Albert Park
25 Mitho 17:32 Albert Park
26 Glenn Carroll 17:33 Berwick Springs
27 Kate Seibold 17:39 Albert Park
28 Smoothy 17:40 Lilydale Lake
29 Hutzy 17:44 Albert Park
30 Coalminer 17:46 Albert Park
31 Lurch 17:52 Albert Park
32 Arthur Karanasios 17:58 Albert Park
33 Scott Stacey 17:59 Albert Park
... See MoreSee Less

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The WKK:

Early Wednesday reverse laps of the Tan.

Meet at the pillars at 7.15am.

If you are late run clockwise until you run into someone coming the other way.

Can be gentle or faster depending upon who turns up. If you still to your guns there should always be someone willing to keep the pace gentle.

Regular crew, Michael Bialczak, Tony Hally, James Chiriano, David Hartley, Dave Mellings, Dave Alcock, Simon Bevege, Scott Stacey, Luke Goodman.


Will The White Kenyan be there "Shane Fielding"????

Get your gear and don't be late:

7.15 start time.
... See MoreSee Less

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The Melbourne Midday Milers

The Midday Milers offer city workers an informal but structured lunch-time training program. The group meets at 12:30pm each weekday at the Tan Track, only a five-minute jog from the Flinders St / Swanston St intersection. All levels of runners are welcome to join us for a variety of casual, easy runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday or more intense, speed / fartlek / hill sessions on Tuesday and Thursday. To ensure we cater for all standards of runners,  the Tuesday and Thursday sessions have dedicated A and B groups. To see how this works, refer to our fortnightly Training Program.

The famous Tan Track is one of Melbourne’s most picturesque running venues. We start most runs from the “Pillars of Wisdom” – on the Tan Track just south of the Swan St Bridge.





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