Long run Sunday. Meet out front of MSAC at 7:00am on round about near lakeside front entrance . 21 km circuit with options for more or less if required. I will be doing an early lap of the Lake starting at 6:30AM ... See MoreSee Less

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The miler girls can run and jump πŸƒπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ˜Š ... See MoreSee Less

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Sunday run at Eaglemont, I will be doing a very easy 20k recovery run post Two Bays starting tomorrow at 7.30am from tennis courts. The pace will be dictated by whatever my smashed legs will let me do and hopefully no snakes to force me into any jumps yet!
All welcome to join in for what should be a very relaxed run :)
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Jessie J and LG sweating it out at the Noosa parkrun! ... See MoreSee Less

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Anyone up for the Australia Day fun run next week, 10km Safety Beach to Rosebud, dead flat along the foreshore trail. I'll be there. ... See MoreSee Less

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Okay boys and girls, Miler check in, everyone okay?

Alot of the crew scattered around the city, just a check in everyone okay?
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A bit of gold before tomorrow's parkrun.

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You have to see this! Ken's uncle Risitas from Madrid did Tring parkrun. Safe to say that he didn't quite get it at first - but I think we've won him over! Watch his interview on national Spanish TV a...

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The wonderful 5Ms event is quickly approaching. If you are thinking of running this, and you haven't signed up, can you please do asap so we can have a good gauge on numbers. You won't regret this, for me it's a painful and scary event...for everyone else...amazing!!

Now to the wonderful job of seeding, some of you might be coming off an injury or more than likely feining one. So i can get a guide of recent form, can you please post, or email me your 3 most recent event, parkruns, 10kms, marathons or 56km events :) If you don't want to post here, you can email me at David.Alcock@tal.com.au

It would also be great if as many of you turn up to the summer tan TT and bust you guts out to give me better form. FYI it's scheduled for Thursday 2nd of Feb.

Cheers Bermuda
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How many Milers that completed the 2 Bays will be out tomorrow?

Would love to hear a few war stories...
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Good Evening Everyone,

Tomorrow's session is a cracker.

The Mona Fartlek

12:30 pm at the Pillars of Wisdom, Tan Track, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia

2x90sec on/off,
4x60sec on/off,
4x30sec on/off,
4x15sec on/off,

Turn around after 10mins - aim to get back to start (750m marker).

It's a cracker of a session.

The best bang for buck you can get.

Also my favorite session.

Tomorrow's weather is as follows.

Min 13
Max 24

Sunny during the day and a shower at night.

See you tomorrow.
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Anyone up for a slow Tan/river run at lunch today..?

Note - think "proper, post-trail-run, Adrian slow", not "House-like, faux slow".
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Hi milers,

A reminder that our 5Ms relay in Red Hill on Feb 12 is fast approaching. If you haven't signed up to this great (free entry) event, get onto it now and organise that leave pass as it's one not to miss.

We need all entries in via the 5Ms event page by 1 Feb so the organisers can prepare the form guide. Also, if you're not a paid up member and want to run this and other events, get your rego sorted asap via the website. www.middaymilers.org/contact-us/

So far we have enough runners to fill 6 teams, let's try and get a few more!

Cheers, Rafa
MMM Secretary

5M's Relay - Mornington Peninsula
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5M's Relay - Mornington Peninsula

February 12, 2017, 8:15am

The event on the MMM calendar that shouldn't be missed!! After a 2 year absence we are once again returning to the famed Mornington Peninsula course that has already been etched into MMM folklore des...

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Thanks to the Milers who collected their used runners recently.
Special thanks to Dozer for publicising the collection and to Duff for collecting and running to Docklands with 14 pairs of runners in hand!

The total 18 pairs have been donated to Shoes for Planet Earth, through the Fitzroy foot clinic, Fitzpod.com, and will be passed on to some people who will greatly appreciate them.
Good effort Milers. Keep your used runners for a future collection.
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Any suggestions for buying shoes online? It's been a while. I'm a frequent flyer at Wiggle for cycle products but wondering if there's anywhere else I should consider. Thanks. ... See MoreSee Less

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parkrun results. Highlights are another age category record to Elisa, Stevie W starting 2017 as he left off 2016, running the best Miler time for 2017 by over a minute and the highest age grade % for 2017, a sub 18 and 3rd fastest Miler for 2017 for Stan K and wins to Stevie, Simon Tu and Andrew Compson.


1 Steven WILLIAMS 16:42 VM45-49 Age grade % 84.93 %, fastest Miler 2017, highest age grade % Miler 2017


3 Stan KARANASIOS 17:52 VM35-39 74.72 %, 3rd fastest Miler 2017
56 Ewald SEIBOLD 26:42 VM70-74 68.73 %

Albert Park:

8 Nick PAINE 18:04 VM40-44 75.55 %, 6th fastest Miler 2017
44 James CHIRIANO 21:56 VM40-44 63.15 %


1 Andrew COMPSON 18:05 VM40-44 75.48 %, =7th fastest Miler 2017
7 Vince YEO 20:51 VM45-49 68.03 %
15 David MELLINGS 22:41 VM45-49 64.00 %
59 Jessie COLLINS 29:03 VW35-39 51.81 %


1 Simon TU 18:30 VM40-44 74.86 %
50 Craig HARRIS 26:34 VM45-49 55.08 %


3 Luke GOODMAN 19:18 VM45-49 75.82 %

Studley Park:

3 Bruce ARTHUR 19:28 VM40-44 71.15 %

Diamond Creek:

12 Dale NARDELLA 20:06 VM35-39 65.59 %
94 Jayden MALLEN 27:02 SM30-34 48.09 %

Phillip Island:

12 Elisa MOOREN 22:55 VW45-49 69.31 %, Age category record

Number of runs 2017 (more than 1):

4 - Elisa MOOREN
3 - Scott STACEY, Vince YEO, David MELLINGS
2 - Jayden MALLEN, Simon TU, Rob ITALIA, James CHIRIANO

2017 times

Name Time Date Location
1 Steven WILLIAMS 16:42 14/01/2017 Parkville
2 Andre VAN DER WESTHUIZEN 17:44 7/01/2017 Berwick Springs
3 Stan KARANASIOS 17:52 14/01/2017 Chelsea
4 Jayden MALLEN 17:54 7/01/2017 Diamond Creek
5 Nigel PRESTON 17:59 1/01/2017 Bendigo
6 Nick PAINE 18:04 14/01/2017 Albert Park
7 Scott STACEY 18:05 7/01/2017 Frog Hollow
7 Andrew COMPSON 18:05 14/01/2017 Karkarook
8 James ATKINSON 18:06 7/01/2017 Merimbula
9 Richard DOES 18:14 7/01/2017 Cohuna
10 Shane FIELDING 18:28 7/01/2017 Frog Hollow
11 Simon TU 18:30 14/01/2017 Westerfolds
12 Rob ITALIA 18:55 7/01/2017 Frog Hollow
13 Garth CALDER 19:03 7/01/2017 Mullum Mullum
14 Dan LANGELAAN 19:16 7/01/2017 Frog Hollow
15 Luke GOODMAN 19:18 14/01/2017 Noosa
16 Bruce ARTHUR 19:28 14/01/2017 Studley Park
17 Dale NARDELLA 20:06 14/01/2017 Diamond Creek
18 Nicholas BIGNELL 20:24 7/01/2017 Karkarook
19 Vince YEO 20:41 7/01/2017 Karkarook
20 Martin DUCHOVNY 20:51 1/01/2017 Westerfolds
21 James CHIRIANO 21:56 14/01/2017 Albert Park
22 Elisa MOOREN 22:11 7/01/2017 Inverloch
23 Arthur KARANASIOS 22:17 1/01/2017 Berwick Springs
24 David DOYLE 22:20 7/01/2017 Karkarook
25 Kate SEIBOLD 22:27 1/01/2017 Albert Park
26 David MELLINGS 22:41 14/01/2017 Karkarook
27 Chris WADE 22:56 1/01/2017 Mullum Mullum
28 Mark PURVIS 23:56 1/01/2017 Maribyrnong
29 Amy YEO 24:52 7/01/2017 Karkarook
30 Ewald SEIBOLD 26:42 14/01/2017 Chelsea
31 Sasha YAP 27:20 7/01/2017 Karkarook
32 Jessie COLLINS 29:03 14/01/2017 Karkarook

2017 age grade table

Name Age grade % Date Location
1 Steven WILLIAMS 84.93 14/01/2017 Parkville
2 James ATKINSON 81.49 7/01/2017 Merimbula
3 Nicholas BIGNELL 80.72 7/01/2017 Karkarook
4 Garth CALDER 79.97 7/01/2017 Mullum Mullum
5 Shane FIELDING 79.87 7/01/2017 Frog Hollow
6 Rob ITALIA 78.59 7/01/2017 Frog Hollow
7 Richard DOES 78.34 7/01/2017 Cohuna
8 Andre VAN DER WESTHUIZEN 75.85 7/01/2017 Berwick Springs
9 Luke GOODMAN 75.82 14/01/2017 Noosa
10 Nick PAINE 75.55 14/01/2017 Albert Park
11 Andrew COMPSON 75.48 14/01/2017 Karkarook
12 Scott STACEY 74.93 7/01/2017 Frog Hollow
13 Simon TU 74.86 14/01/2017 Westerfolds
14 Stan KARANASIOS 74.72 14/01/2017 Chelsea
15 Jayden MALLEN 72.63 7/01/2017 Diamond Creek
16 Nigel PRESTON 72.57 1/01/2017 Bendigo
17 Elisa MOOREN 71.6 7/01/2017 Inverloch
18 Bruce ARTHUR 71.15 14/01/2017 Studley Park
19 Dan LANGELAAN 69.81 7/01/2017 Frog Hollow
20 Ewald SEIBOLD 68.73 14/01/2017 Chelsea
21 Vince YEO 68.57 7/01/2017 Karkarook
22 Kate SEIBOLD 68.52 1/01/2017 Albert Park
23 David DOYLE 66.57 7/01/2017 Karkarook
24 Mark PURVIS 66.43 1/01/2017 Maribyrnong
25 Martin DUCHOVNY 66.43 1/01/2017 Westerfolds
26 Dale NARDELLA 65.59 14/01/2017 Diamond Creek
27 David MELLINGS 64 14/01/2017 Frog Hollow
28 James CHIRIANO 63.15 14/01/2017 Albert Park
29 Amy YEO 61.86 7/01/2017 Karkarook
30 Chris WADE 61.34 1/01/2017 Mullum Mullum
31 Arthur KARANASIOS 60.81 1/01/2017 Berwick Springs
32 Sasha YAP 59.57 7/01/2017 Karkarook
33 Jessie COLLINS 51.81 14/01/2017 Karkarook
... See MoreSee Less

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The Melbourne Midday Milers

The Midday Milers offer city workers an informal but structured lunch-time training program. The group meets at 12:30pm each weekday at the Tan Track, only a five-minute jog from the Flinders St / Swanston St intersection. All levels of runners are welcome to join us for a variety of casual, easy runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday or more intense, speed / fartlek / hill sessions on Tuesday and Thursday. To ensure we cater for all standards of runners, Β the Tuesday and Thursday sessions have dedicated A and B groups. To see how this works, refer to our fortnightly Training Program.

The famous Tan Track is one of Melbourne’s most picturesque running venues. We start most runs from the “Pillars of Wisdom” – on the Tan Track just south of the Swan St Bridge.





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