Nick Paine

Nickname: HoJu
Workplace: HWL Ebsworth Lawyers
PB’s: Tan 13.06, 5km 17.07, 10km 35.09, Half 1.17.14, Marathon 2.48.23
Best Running Experience: Entering the G, Melbourne Marathon 2013. Dad had volunteered and was at the finish line. Tears were involved.
Worst Running Experience: Phuket Marathon 2010 – DNF. Tore calf then burnt “good leg” on an exhaust pipe which then resulted in a staph infection. Couldn’t even utilise the pool for the remainder of the holiday!
Racing Shoes: Mostly Nike
Years Running: Started back in 2008
Why Do You Run: Only someone who doesn’t run would ask that.
Favourite Training Session: 6 x 1km, Mona
Hobbies: Running and not nearly enough golf.
Most Important Thing To Me: Family and health
Biggest Dislike: Injuries and the Essendon Supplement Saga.
Favourite Movie: Top Secret
Favourite Music: Many different genres. Mood dependent.
Favourite Food: Eye Fillet…but will happily eat pretty much anything.
Favourite Drink: Water, a good red, a good pale ale and an infrequent KFC Gaytime Krusher.
Favourite Event: Melbourne Marathon, Great Ocean Road, City2Sea & parkrun Albert Park. Oxfam is pretty incredible too but strictly as a spectator.
Dream Occupation: Parent/Runner/Retiree
Most admired athlete: No stand out but WRs for the Marathon & Ironman to me are mind boggling. Having googled, Corey Bellemore is also worth a mention. (As is House for getting me in to running in the first place).
Little known fact about me: I lived on the Gold Coast for 3 years and once peaked at 106kg.
Life Highlight: Getting married in NZ and the safe arrival of two boys.
Life low-point: 2002
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: Travel more, become a grandparent, keep running.
Favourite Quote: Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.