Lachlan Yeo

lachlanyeoNickname: Sherlock
Vital statistics (2016): Born: 05/02/2009, Height: 126cm, Weight: 22kg
Family: Happily single and dependent (no cooking, washing, bills, and all those boring responsibilities)
Interests outside running: People close to me, food, reading, sports – tennis, cricket and footy.
Why I started running: Because my daddy is always running and he seemed to love it even if he is always in pain.
First joined the Midday Milers: Nov 2016. Next stop is the Bevo stable when I go sub 20 for 5k.
Running highlight: Going sub 5:30 pace at the 2016 City2Sea 5.5k and it was so much fun. I also love all parkruns because it’s so much fun.
Running lowlight: Running when temperature is not between 10C and 18C, raining or wind > 20kph.
Favourite running shoe: Adidas Kids Response.
PB’s: 5 km: 27:15.
Favourite food: Chocolate, ice cream and all things sweet to complement my natural sweetness 🙂
Most admired sportsperson: Vince Yeo because he talks a lot and makes me laugh when he runs with me.
Dream occupation: Any job which allows me to use walkie talkies.
Three things on your bucket list: Earn my own money and buy whatever I want, have my own computer and create my own websites, run a marathon (daddy is grinning happily but mummy isn’t looking so happy)
Most important thing to me: Eat endless amount of chocolate for the rest of my life.