James Chiriano

jameschirianoNickname: J.C.
Workplace: Everywhere, however city employment is with the Victorian Government.
PB’s: The Mile 5.20, 5km Park Run 18.06, Tan 13.29, 10km 37.42, Marathon 3.23
Best Running Experience: Being Coached By Bevo. Apparently I was supposed to hate it.
Worst Running Experience: Wangaratta Marathon.
Racing Shoes: Adidas Adios
Training Shoes: Asics Nimbus.
Years Running: With the Milers 3 years. Solo 21 years
Why Do You Run: Stress Release, Thinking time, Health, Social.
Favourite Training Session: The Mona – Best Bang for Buck there is.
Hobbies: Running, there is no time for other hobbies, that’s it.
Most Important Thing To Me: The Future, Family, Friendship, The Milers
Biggest Dislike: Amateurs
Favourite Movie: The Empire Strikes Back
Favourite Music: Movie Soundtracks
Favourite Food: Spaghetti Bolognese when done well.
Favourite Drink: Water , Plain, Soda, Mineral. Does not really matter which type just water.
Favourite Event: Tan Time Trials
Dream Occupation: House Husband.
Most admired athlete: Floyd Mayweather
Little known fact about me: I’m super clean and am the biggest Metrosexual I know.
Life Highlight: Being The first inductee in “The Stables”. Thanks Bevo
Life low-point: Hell Spur 2015.
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: Marry. Global Marathons. Make a difference for Mankind (somewhere or somehow)
Favourite Quote: “Racing is important to men who do it well. When you’re racing…it’s life, Anything that happened before or after, it’s just waiting.”