Freya Poynton

freyapoyntonNickname: Yogalini
Best Running Experience: Every training session with the Milers & Greens Beach ultra in Tasmania
Worst Running Experience: Greens Beach ultra in Tasmania (best and worst) & Melbourne Half
Racing Shoes: Newtons
Years Running: 6 years.
Why Do You Run: It feels right and keeps the buns tight.
When I don’t feel like running: I do it anyway, and if I can’t shake it I just smile, it tricks my brain into enjoying it- sometimes.
Before I started running: I drank tequila, stayed out all night and talked to boys I wouldn’t want my Grandma to meet.
I believe that: God, the father almighty, creator of heaven and earth will come again to judge the…Just kidding, I believe that green smoothies, yoga, running and love are the keys to happiness.
I want to: Help others empower themselves through holistic health (finance, food, wellbeing and mindfulness). I founded a financial literacy program for woman from disadvantaged backgrounds which I run weekly at the Richmond Commission Flats. I encourage others to find the union between their mind and body using yoga.
In a year my life will look like: I will likely have sore quads and a nice tan cycling around Vietnam, Thailand and Bali for a couple of months, followed by some time in California.
I am the happiest: When I choose to be.
My father taught me that: “Education is paramount. Your wealth, the people around you, and the material things you own might not be there on day. Work on growing yourself because it is all you truly own.”
My Mum taught me: To live in my heart.
When I wake up I always: Make my bed
Before I go to sleep I always: Meditate.
I never: Watch TV or listen to the radio.
I always: Dip dark chocolate in tea – I just drooled on my keyboard.
Favourite Quote: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.